“Home Again” is not the sequel to the classic episode Home that I originally thought that it might have been, which is a real shame, but is a story about street art and homelessness and a strange creature that seems to come out of street art and rip people to pieces usually by pulling their arms and heads off.

This is another rather bloody episode with some quite graphic scenes of people being dismembered and is another more classic style episode of the X-Files which is more notable for its gore than for anything else, but I do like the idea of street art coming to life, but not so much the murderous nature of the said street art. The grafitti artist himself is also a very creepy and grotesque character.

The subplot of the episode involves Scully’s mother who suffers a heart attack and is in an induced coma and Scully’s final few days with her mother, which also makes her think about her role as a mother with the son she had to give up which upsets her even more.

I really wanted to give Scully a cuddle in this episode. In fact that the subplot of the episode was much more interesting than the murdereous graffiti plot especially as it involved lots of close ups of Gillian Anderson.

The best thing about this episode were the scenes with Scully as she went through the gamut of emotions in this story and Gillian Anderson did a fine job of showing this.

The rest of the episode was ok and very typical of your monster of the week X-Files episodes, but not one that would stand out from all of the others.