The fifth episode of the new X-Files is most notable for the introduction of two characters who are basically updated versions of Mulder and Scully themselves: one a red-headed female Doctor, Agent Einstein, who is very sceptical and the other a dark haired man, Agent Miller, who’s mind is open to the possibilities of anything extraordinary.

This can almost be seen as an idea of a new pilot for a rebooted version of the show and you can see how it might work as they are both interesting characters and you can see that they work well together and that it would probably work if it was given a series and would probably work a damn sight better than this short series has done, as it has been very hit and miss.

The episode itself is ok but isn’t great and is not very memorable after the event. Mulder and Scully spend most of the episode split up and working with each one of the younger versions of themselves and there are some quite bizarre scenes featuring Mulder of his tits on magic mushrooms line dancing, being whipped by Agent Einstein dressed as a dominatrix, and walking through the streets looking a bit like his character in Calfornication often felt and maybe that was the point of these scenes as they didn’t make any sense at all!

There was even a brief cameo by The Lone Gunmen which was nice for the fans even if it was very much a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair.

Apart from the introduction of these two interesting characters and Agent Mulder’s trip, there wasn’t really much else to recommend about this episode to be honest.