The sixth and final episode of the new series of The X Files carries on the story from the first episode of the series and quite a lot happens in this episode but the ending is absolutely terrible, and isn’t really an ending at all, more of a cliffhanger than an ending because we don’t know what happens after Scully looks up into the sky and sees the alien vessel flying over them.

Einstein and Miller both return in this episode as does the Cigarette Smoking Man who has some rather intense scenes with Mulder. Monica Reyes also makes an appearance in this episode most of which went over my head as I stopped watching the X-Files before her character first appeared, so I didn’t really know who the hell she was apart from the fact that she had appeared in the show before as I had been aware of back in the day but not really knowing what her part in the whole story was.

I only watched this episode once but it made no real sense and the ending was just so bad that I just cannot see myself wanting to watch it again any time soon.

I have to say that I was really disappointed by this episode.