Spoilers ahoy

batman-v-superman-battle-metropolis-bruce-wayne_zpsnckugexi1 The opening scenes set during Man of Steel which shows why Bruce Wayne is such a grumpy bastard throughout the whole film and is so anti-Superman and also ties the whole thing in as a sequel to Man of Steel.

2 The brief but effective intro to Batman with his parents being killed and falling into a cellar full of bats which was very stylishly done considering we have seen it countless times now and didn’t seem boring at all.

batman-vs-superman-trailer-image-35_zpskh2qidyn3. Ben Affleck. He is excellent in this film both as Bruce Wayne and as Batman and I was really unsure when I heard that he was playing batman but I am very pleased to eat my words after watching him in his film, as he became Batman for me more than some of the previous actors ever did.


4 Lois Lane in the bath. I mean you would wouldn’t you, of course you would. I know I would.

batman-vs-superman-trailer-image-40_zpsaqydfrmx5 Gal Gadot in her first dress, the brown one with no back, when she, for no apparent reason that I can think of stole Bruce’s gizmo for copying stuff from Lex’s mainframe and then gave him right back. What the hell was she thinking of and what was her reason for doing this. Your guess is a good as mine.

6 Gal Gadot in her second dress, the silver one, which was almost not there when she met Bruce in a museum, as she looks well hot in it and for no other reason at all


7 Gal Gadot in full Wonder Woman mode for obvious reasons

8 The little cameo from the Flash which is pretty much blink and you’ll miss it, and the fact that he is nothing like he is in the new tv series which is more intriguing that anything else.

9 The little cameo from Aquaman which was also intruiging and is very different in style to the rest of the movie.

10 The little cameo from Cyborg which is a chance of pace again and also a nice set up for a future film

11 The picture of Wonder Woman with Captain Kirk from 1918

12 The fact that the files from Lex Luthor’s computer also contained their logos which is a nice little touch.

batman-vs-superman-trailer-image-18_zpsv9sj9ziy13 Jeremy Iron as Alfred. He was immense in this film and had some excellent dialogue and was very witty and stole every scene that he was in.

14 The Batwing with its remote control function, which was much cooler than the this iteration of the Batmobile which was nowhere near as cool as the one from the Tim Burton films.

15 The various iterations of the Batsuit littered around the batcave again all of which were infinitely more cool than the one used in this movie.

16 The way the Batmobile enters the batcave which seems to go on for miles and miles and miles and wasn’t as corny as the sixties Batman tv series.

17 The ending and the way that it sets up the next few films as I wasn’t sure that the would go with the ending that the did, which I certainly wasn’t expecting

18 The different way that Superman is viewed as potential threat to the security of the plane rather than as a national saviour

19 The line where Bruce admits that he is actually a criminal although I guess there are shades of gray there.

Things I weren’t sure about

1 There didn’t seem to be a reason for Wonder Woman to be there apart from the final climatic fight when she appeared in full constume and did her stuff, other that that she just happened to be around and Lex Luthor didn’t seem to notice that she was at the party that he threw, or that he didn’t really care, which is more likely given this rather petulant yet batshit crazy version of Lex. The little cameos from the others were ok as the just reinforced the idea of this share universe thing.

2 Lois had a pretty torrid time in this film apart from being shagged in the bath by Clark. I mean she was almost killed in a terrorist style attack at the start of the film and was almost killed when Lex threw her off the top of his building and also almost drowned trying to get the kryptonian staff. After her appearance in Man of Steel where she was rather impressive it has to be said and a very strong female character, all she seemed good for in this film was to be rescued by Superman. Still she looked pretty good in the bath which is good.

3 After spending most of the film actively hating each other and then a good portion kicking the shit out of each other Batman and Superman very quickly decided to band together to get the real villain, and all it took was the name of their mother which just happened to be the same name, which to be honest I have never noticed before, which is a bit rich considering they were trying to kill each other seconds before. So if in doubt when you are getting the shit kicked out of you shout your mothers name and you never know it might all stop.

4 I am not sure about the Batsuits in this film but I liked the fact that the eyes were shining bright in the costume and I also like the little touch of the microphone in the cowl of the costume just to make him sound as intimidating as possible which is something the Adam West Batman never did.

5. I didn’t really get why Batman felt the need to brand people, as that was something that I don’t recall seeing before. It does make him more sort of badass and vicious though which is more in keeping with the ideas behind the character in this movie and in some versions of the story but I am not sure really worked in this story.