Jessica Jones : AKA Crush Syndrome

The second episode continues the story from the shocking end of the first episode with Jessica trying to help the girl from the previous show. Her investigation of Luke Cage in the previous episode has consequences for both her and for Cage, after she turns up at the bar and tells him what he has been doing right in front of the married woman he had been tupping in the previous episode, as he ends up almost getting the shit kicked out of him by the husband of his lover from the previous week’s episode and his mates, but instead he allows them to try and kill him and glass him with no seemingly ill effects.

Jessica also shows her mettle in the fight scene and Cage realizes that she is like him and he tells her that he basically has unbreakable skin by trying to cut into himself with a power tool and virtually breaking said power tool showing that he, like her, is what they call gifted, this series word for the superpowered, the heroes of the comics we know and love.

We learn a bit more about the mystery man, Killgrave, from the previous episode who makes a couple of blink and you’ll miss it appearances throughout the episode scaring the shit out of the viewers, and also in person at the end of the episode showing that he can make people do whatever he wants with the power of his mind which is pretty scary stuff. He also has scared the fuck out most people that he has come into contact with and, as a result, people are very scared of him, which isn’t surprising considering what he is supposed to have done. David Tennant once again does a brilliant job of playing this obviously horrible, yet charming character, who you know more and more about as the series progresses.

Jessica does a lot of PI stuff in this episode and shows that even though she is damaged she is very good at her job and knows how to get what she wants, and how to get the job done but also that sometimes she is a bit of a little girl lost. She spend quite a lot of the episode trying to work out how on earth Killgrave managed to survive being hit by a bus and gets herself into a hospital pretending to be one of the nurses just by breaking into a locker and stealing someone’s uniform and badge. They obviously don’t have much security in these hospitals as Jess finds it very easy to do this and gets the information she wants pretty easily all things considered.

It seems that Killgrave managed to survive by stealing someone kidneys and then forcing someone to transplant the kidney’s into him using his special powers of mind control leaving two more victims in his wake. This man is a real sadist and seems to love to make as many people as possible suffer in as many ways as he possibly can.
Being a victim is a definite theme of this episode in particular as Hope, the girl from the previous episode is a victim as is the poor man whose kidney’s Killgrave stole, as is the Doctor who Killgrave forced to perform the transplant, as is Jessica herself. Few people who cross the path of Killgrave come away in unscathed and at the moment nobody has.

That doesn’t bode well for the family who he randomly decided to target and eat their dinner and make their children hide in the cupboard. This was very random but it was a good way to actually show his powers rather than just hearing about them as we had before and showed him to be a thoroughly unpleasant man and also makes us feel a bit more for Jessica and what she might have gone through at his hands.

I am enjoying this series, mostly because it is so far removed from what you would expect of a series based on a comic book.