Jessica Jones AKA It’s Called Whiskey

In episode three we get a bit more progression of the plot and a hell of a lot of sex. Hot, sweaty sex which involves the destruction of some furniture items, which you don’t normally get beyond fan fiction, where this sort of thing happens a lot, a hell of a lot, I’ve checked.

After discovering what happened to Kilgrave in the last episode this episode sees her trying to get the stuff that she needs in order to stop him from doing what he does best (i.e. control people minds so that they do whatever he wants them to do), which she attempts to do in a rather more orthodox manner at first (i,e actually asking a couple of people for what she wants), but when that doesn’t work she goes for the less than orthodox manner, which is a little more questionable (i.e. using a drug addict to cause a diversion allowing her to steal what she wants), but far more effective. Having said that as she has suffered at the hands of Kilgrave and has seen what other people have done in his name you can understand why she is very pissed off with what he has done, and also why she is so desperate to stop him at whatever cost.

Jessica’s best friend, Trish, also gets on Kilgrave’s radar in this episode, with almost fatal consequences, after trying to help the girl from the first episode who is still being held in custody after what she did at the end of the first episode, by interviewing her about what happened to her on her radio show, and then taking her side about what happened to her, which ended up with Kilgrave ringing into the show asking Trish directly if she was worried about pissing this man off considering what he has allegedly done and that he might make someone kill themselves This was rather a chilling moment as you knew at that point that something bad was going to happen to Trish.

We get a bit more information about Trish in this episode after her making small appearances in both the previous episodes being that she and Jessica have been friends for a long time, and that she really cares about her wellbeing, but that Jessica is trying to keep her out of the way for her own safety, and also that she is also a victim like Jessica and has her apartment kitted out with a panic room and close circuit TV, is also always looking over her shoulder, and is taking lessons in defending herself.

We learn a bit more about both Jessica and Luke Cage’s super powers in this episode. We know that Cage has unbreakable skin and is also very strong, but so is Jessica, as is shown in this and in the previous episode and some of the other Marvel heroes get mentioned but not in a literal sense.

After they had danced (and I am using the word dance in the metaphorical sense as they did in The Doctor Dances episode of Doctor Who) for the umpteenth time that episode, Jessica spots a photo of a women in Luke’s medicine cabinet who turns out to be his wife who was killed in a bus crash. Jessica has a flash back and doesn’t like what she remembered, as she remembers that she is responsible for the death of Luke Cage’s wife, under the influence of Kilgrave, which is a bit much for her considering what they have been getting up to in the last couple of episodes, and will no doubt piss of Luke no end, unless he is blinded by the great sex that they are obviously having, so she decides to end it before it gets messy, which is probably best for both of them.

Kilgrave showed that he is not to be messed with and ended up sending a local cop to kill Trish, after her smart-alec comment on the phone-in and if it wasn’t for Jess, showing up and then basically making the cop believe that he had actually killed Trish, then Trish would have been a goner for sure as he was actually throttling the shit out of the poor girl with as much strength as he could muster.

The poor cop was then made to jump to his own death after fulfilling Kilgrave’s request and again if it wasn’t for Jess he would have been a goner too, as she used her powers to manage to save him from being squished, and then he was overcome with remorse when he remembered what he had just done.

Poor Jess then came face to face with Kilgrave for the first time since she assumed that he had been killed, and we see David Tennant for the first time proper in the series. This is an effective cliff-hanger, as we see that Kilgrave will stop at nothing to get to Jess, and that he efforts are working and he is really getting to her, but most of all you want her to wup his ass as soon as possible and hurry up about, but you also know that he is going to be a very difficult opponent for our Jess.