Thor is at its heart about the battle of two brothers for the approval of their father and that is the main thrust of the plot, and everything that each brother does is to make their father choose them as his successor in place of the other but, in the case of these two brothers, the consequences of what they are doing can be quite monumental and destructive.

One of the brothers Thor is the first born son of Odin and is first in line to succeed his father as King of Asgard and is very much ruled by his feelings and acts first rather than thinking first. The other brother Loki is very different, and is more considered and thoughtful. The brothers are very much chalk and cheese.

One time Thor choses to defy his father he almost gets himself killed and virtually starts a war that his father has spent years and years trying to prevent and had got a rather nice little truce which was all going well until Thor decided to take it into his own hands and cocked everything up.

As a result Thor got himself banished from Asgard by Odin and stripped of his powers as punishment for almost starting a war and worst of all for defying his father. Odin also took from Thor his magical hammer and threw that out as well. Both Thor and the hammer crash landed on Earth with the hammer attracting SHIELD in the shape of Agent Coulson who immmediately locked the area down.

Thor ends up being knocked down by Jane Foster and her colleagues who are soon found by SHIELD which makes Jane team up with Thor to try and get his hammer back, but when he finally get to it after being up half of the SHIELD agent rather easily it has to be said.

He probably would have a bit of a problem getting past Natasha Romanov but she must have been busy elswhere when this was happening. Of course when gets there he is unable to life the hammer because he has lost his power and also he needs to be worthy of it which was the reason why he lost it in the first place so it was pretty obvious at that point that he wasn’t worthy of it at that moment.

Thor is rescued from the clutches of SHIELD by Dr Selvig one of Jane’s colleagues who being Scandiweigan is fully aware of the whole pantheon of Norse gods even if he just views them as fair tales and kids stories even if he wanted them to be true.

Back on Asgard, Thor’s friends decide that they need to get Thor back as it wasn’t fair that he was banished and that Loki got away scott free. What they didn’t realise what that Odin had fell into Odinsleep, which is a kind of coma and that Loki has now taken over the mantle of the thronw, which makes them even more positive that they need to get Odin back. They manage to persuade the gatekeeper to let them go to Thor but Loki finds out and decides to send his own agent (a sort of giant robot ala Iron Man) to stop them from finding Thor and make sure that none of them get back to Asgard and tries to make this even more likely by using his frost giant powers to freeze the gatekeeper and then goes to the king of Frost Giants and tells them that he will allow him into Asgard to kill Odin.

There is a massive battle between the Asgardians and Loki’s agent which sees lots and lots of shit blowing up and total pandemonium caused and Thor appears to be killed by Loki’s agent. Loki assumes that he has got away with it but at that moment Thor gets his hammer back as he has now proved himself worthy of the hammer and is back to his old self, well a new improved version of his old self who is actually now ready to wield the power that he has been given. They manage to get through to the gatekeeper is able to bring them back to Asgard.

When there Odin is almost killed by a Frost Giant but is resuced by Loki who then slays the frost giant so Loki is totally duplicitous and has more faces than a politican and you can never know what he is thinking and what he would do to get his own way, which is pretty much anything.

Thor and Loki then have a massive set to which is the climax of the film where Loki calls Jane which sends Thor over the edge which is a bit odd considering that he hadn’t known her that long and there is a very exciting fight sequence which lots and lots of special effects and interesting camera work and ends up with Thor breaking the bridge between Asgard and the Earth effectively stopping him from seeing her again and almost ending the story there and then.

Loki appears to be killed but it is very unlikely that we have seen the last of him as he just wouldn’t allow that to happen.

I enjoyed Thor. It was at times a bit overblown and pompous, particularly the scenes set on Asgard, and quite Shakepearan which suited the director down to the ground but it was a hell of a lot of fun especially the scenes in modern day Earth, with Thor not really getting to grips with modern life.

Hemsworth was good as Thor as was Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, a very strong female character for the girls in the audience. It was a bit disappointing that in the end she was just another love interest as it might have been a bit more interesting if she had been a bit more coy with him, rather than flinging herself at him.

Anthony Hopkins bought suitable gravitas to the role of Odin and did steal every scene he was in. I did think that Idris Elba was a bit wasted in the role of the gatekeeper though.

Not a bad film, but not a great one either.