Jessica Jones AKA 99 Friends

Episode four is all about the aftermath of Kilgrave’s attempt on Tricia’s life, and about the cop trying to make amends for what he did to Tricia, and also about Jessica trying to find out who Kilgrave has been using to get to her, and also about a sort of support network for people who have been affected by Kilgrave, and there does seem to be quite a lot of them around if this episode is anything to go by, and also shows that he has been very busy indeed with his fluence.

Some of the people who turn up to this little support group are rather interesting people who are all damaged people like Jessica and Tricia and Hope and are all very unique showing that Kilgrave isn’t really bothered who he ends up controlling and that it could be absolutely anyone, even one of us watching the episode, which is rather chilling.

Jess also got a new case in this episode with this middle aged woman who wanted her to tail her husband, who she was convinced was having an affair, and catch him actually doing the dirty with his mistress, but in the end turned out to not to be happy about Jessica being gifted, and there was a great scene when Jess confronted the woman and her husband and scared the shit out of her by telling her that there were 99 other people like her and also managed to allude to The Avengers without actually naming them, which this series is getting rather good at.

I am not sure why they are that bothered about naming the other characters, unless there is rights issues, but as they are all produced under the Marvel banner, I can’t see how that would make a great deal of difference and is probably just a little thing for this show in particular.

Now in the Marvel universe there is a damn site more than 99 superheroes and heroines but it is nice that the superhero type of person are actually feared because of their powers and what they might be able to do because of their powers which is a much more modern take on the superhero genre where the standard people are actually quite scared of the superheroes rather than actually wanting to be like them which was more the general feeling at the time.

These superheroes were loved and lauded and considered god like, which in a way they were as they really aren’t like us at all, not in any real sense.

In the case of Jessica Jones she appears to be quite normal and apart from the fact that she can sort of fly, only sort of, and the fact that she is much stronger not only than most women, but also than most men, but you don’t see here in the same light as the other superhero types, well I don’t when I watching this show anyhow.

After almost throttling Patsy to death in the previous episode Officer Simpson spends the entirety of this episode trying to find out if he did in fact murder a totally innocent women the episode before, and then finding out that in fact he didn’t do it, which is a great relief to him.

He tries to make it up by hacking into the cctv network to allow Jess to work out who had been watching her and also by standing outside of Patsy flat talking to her trying to get her to forgive him for almost killing her, which must be hard for Patsy as even though she realises that it was Kilgrave’s influence that caused him to try and kill her, and not that he had just decided to kill her himself, which would be a bit strange as they didn’t have any other links to each other before, or did not appear to, and it was only a quirk of fate that led Simpson to be the person who was sent to dispatch Tricia.

You can understand why she is reticent to accept what Simpson is trying to say to her but for despite everything that happened, they do sort of connect in the episode, after talking about their childhoods for what seems like ages, and in the end she lets him inside her apartment, which may, or may not, be a good thing.

To be honest he does seem like a straight up, nice and trustworthy guy most of them, when he is not being mind controlled that is, and under normal circumstances she would probably trust him, and perhaps even like him, but that is something that will soon become apparent in the next few episodes.

Another interesting character based episode, and another episode where Kilgrave does not appear but where the majority of the episode is about him, such is the strength of his character and his effect on people.