I really enjoyed Captain America The First Avenger, and I would have to say that this has been my favourite of all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies so far. I think it might be because the fact that Steve Rogers was a very skinny, wimpy kid, with more illnesses than you can throw a stick at who became a super hero and as I was a rather skinny and wimpy kid back in the day (less skinny now but I am working on it)and I like the idea that this might happen to me, apart from the fact that I am not American, do not live in the 1940s, and would not actually want to go to war as Steve Rogers so enthusiastically did.

Now I have never seen Chris Evans in anything before this film so I didn’t realise that he is more like Steve Rogers after the serum than Steve Rogers before the serum but they did a good job in making him look like the weedy person that Steve Rogers started off as and it made the transformation into Captain America that more remarkable and surprising, especially when there were other candidates who would have been much more straightforward candidates for the process, who wouldn’t have needed as much help as Rogers did, but obviously lacked the special something that Rogers possessed which didn’t seem at all obvious until he did something much braver than any of the other people would have done and the more perfect specimen ran off like a girl.

The storyline of the movie was a very straightforward and traditional version of the many versions of the Captain America origin story that we have had over the years and is a rip roaring adventure with a very fine villain in the shape of Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull and lots of fight scenes and battles in the air and derring do by the American soldiers.

You do have to feel a bit sorry for Steve who thinks that he has got what he wants when he is given the serum only to be used as some sort of symbol, who is looked down upon by the soldiers that he so wanted to be like and so wanted to treat him like one of them only to be viewed as a person who couldn’t be taken seriously at all, and was not making a difference like they were by actually fighting the Nazis and not parading in front of lots of showgirls, which was pretty much what he had been doing for most of the film once he had buffed up to become Captain America, so when he had a chance to actually start getting stuck in and actually do what he wanted to do and to fight for his country he jumped at the chance, as that was the main reason why he had put himself through all the pain that resulted from him being given the serum, so he wasn’t going to not do that was he.

He is very much a very patriotic American who just wants to do his best for his country and is willing to lay his life down if he is ordered to because that is just the kind of guy that he is, which I think a lot of young men in his situation at the time were.

I think it also had something to do with girls too as it is well know than girls love a man in uniform and when his best mate James “Bucky” Barnes set him up with a friend of a girl he was dating and poor Steve found himself ignored by the girl because he was a civilian and she only had eyes for Bucky who was in uniform even if he was going out with her friend at the time which made him even more determined to be called up.

You have to laugh at his persistence in being drafted by making up lots and lots of different aliases in as any different places as he could hoping to get the call up but never managing to trick them. I bet there were plenty of young men at the time who would have loved to have had his trick of getting ruled unfit for war, and I am one of those who would quite happily have traded places with him, for not getting drafted that is, not for being injected by a super serum, even if it did give me a six pack and make girls gasp when they see me.

Even Agent Peggy Carter, about the only female character in this very masculine film, wasn’t immune to the charms of Steve Rogers after he had received the serum, witness her face when she sees what he has become after being aware of Roger’s physique before the serum.

This is definitely my favourite of all of the MCU films so far.