The Avengers Assemble took a wee while to get going as far as I am concerned. It also made absolutely no sense to me until at least half way through the film as I have never seen any of the previous films in the Marvel Comic Universe, and therefore was not aware of many of the characterisations of the main characters and their relationships with one another, which really makes this film what it is.

So I had no previous knowledge of the Tesseract, or of the importance of the Dr Selvig to Loki’s plans, or even to who the hell Loki was and where he came from. I also had no idea of why Tony Stark had such an attitude problem and why Steve Rogers seemed to be so unhappy with his life.

In short I came to this film originally as a total newbie and whilst I enjoyed the set pieces in particular the final set pieces when the wormhole opened and all of the aliens come through and all of that, that all it was a bit of a spectacle for my eyes, which if I had watched the film on the big screen would probably have been enough but I wasn’t invested in the characters and in their histories with each other in the wider cinematic universe.

So for example when Agent Coulson was killed then it didn’t really resonate with me as it was probably meant to do as he was just a new character for me and whilst it was a bit sad it wasn’t the shock that I am guessing it was meant to be for MCU aficionados. In short I wasn’t really bothered about it.

I also thought that Tony Stark was an arse and not a very likable person. I didn’t have much of an opinion on Dr Bruce Banner as he seemed to be a rather boring character in my opinion. I found Captain America a bit whiny and moany. I found the Black Widow to be very sexy, and I found Hawkman to be a complete cipher. As for Nick Fury well he was just Samuel L Jackson in an eye-patch.

Once I had watched all of the first phase of MSC films and then watched this film it all started to make sense and I enjoyed it a lot more than I did originally but it was still a bit of a mess, and had too many characters, and tried to be something for everyone and sometimes fell a little bit flat.

I think when you are trying to shoehorn so many elements into one film it is bound to be a little lacking in places and this film is not exception to that rule.

After I has watched this film in context after seeing the rest of the first phase of films my opinions of the characters didn’t really change much for Nick Fury, the Black Widow and Hawkman, but I did have a better understanding of why Captain America and Tony Stark acted the way they did in this film, as I now knew what they had gone through before and to be honest you couldn’t blame either of them for acting the way that they did and I didn’t have the same problem with Tony Stark as I did when I saw it the first time.

I still think that he is an arse but there are good reasons for him to be an arse, which doesn’t excuse the fact that he is an arse, it just explains it for the purposes of characterisation. Hawkman didn’t really fare to well in this film as he spend most of the first half of the film in the thrall of Loki but he was very handy with his bow and arrows in the latter half of the film. It also seems that he has a past with the Black Widow, which will no doubt be explored in future films.

In fact Hawkman could have very easily been replaced by another Marvel character without much of problem as even though he did play his part in the film his role could have been done by absolutely anyone.

The Black Widow just spend the film looking incredibly hot, and kicking as much arse as possible which was very nice but, like Hawkman, she could have been replaced by any other female marvel character you could care to mention.

It was a bit odd having a new actor playing Banner and it was a bit disconcerting at first because when he first appeared it was difficult to work out who the hell he was until he mentioned about the big green guy but, pretty soon, you forgot that there was a different actor playing Banner before.

The Avengers Assemble is worth watching but not without having seen the previous MCU films as it will make no sense and doesn’t stand up very well to repeat