In Iron Man 3 poor Tony is suffering the after effects of the events in The Avengers, and is not in a good place at all. In fact he is in a very dank, dark, dirty, place and, not even the love of a good women (i.e Pepper) can bring him out of it.

The movie starts with a voice over where Tony is in some sort of therapy and telling the story of the events of the film to an unknown other person. We flash back to the Millenium Eve where Tony was in Switzerland, way back before the events of the first movie, where Tony ended up copping off with Maya Hansen, a rather attractive scientist who had invented this treatement which allowed people to recover from previously un-recoverable conditions, but was less interested in her work then her body, and basically spend the night with her, tupped her, and the buggered off the following morning.

He also managed to upset a fellow scientist, Aldrich Killian, who offered both of them a place in his company by promising that he would see him up only to spurn him and leave him waiting for him on the roof of the building where they were. Of course none of these bothered Tony at that time, because that was the old Tony and he got what he wanted, which is in the knickers of Maya Hansen (and to be honest you wouldn’t blame him, so that was the main thing.

It turns out that Tony is in fact suffering from PTSD which is not surprising given what he had been through even if he did sort of pretend that he didn’t really care and in his film that really shows and there were times in this movie that you thought that he might actually break down and not be able to do what he wanted to do.

Whilst he is having his mini breakdown the world appears to be in the thrall of a man named the Mandarin who appeared in flashy videos and promos telling the American public exactly what he is going to and how he is going to do it.

When Tony publicly criticises the Mandarin on a news broadcast Tony becomes a target and his home is basically razed to the ground by the Mandarin’s team and Pepper is kidnapped and Tony left for dead. Tony who is just about able to survive this attack with the help of his various Iron Man suits is then on a mission to find out who the Mandarin in and stop him in his tracks and rescue Pepper from his clutches. What a guy!

For me the standout part of this film apart from the various Iron Man suits and the cool way that Tony is actually able to get into the suits even at the most difficult moments which get more and more ludicrous with each film and each iteration of the suits, was Ben Kingsley’s turn in the film as what appeared to be a terrorist figurehead who only appears in videos, but turns out to be nothing of the sort in what is a very clever twist and not always that obvious until it spelled for you, well spelled out for me anyway.

Of course there were plenty of big set pieces peppered through the movie all of which got bigger each time which were both quite exciting and shocking at the same time due to nature of them. Once again it would look great on the big screen and does lose some of its impact on the small screen.

Another star turn in this film was from Guy Pearce aka Mike from Neighbours as people of my generation remember him best. He first appeared as a very nerdy, partially disabled gentlemen who was pretty much ignored by everyone including both Tony and Pepper, and took this rejection very much to heart ultimately leading to his actions in this movie. His transformation in the movie was a little bit Captain America like but with more dire and serious complications than Steve Rogers suffered.

Of course with Killian being a bit of a scientific genius like Tony helped him to get to where he was when he reappeared at Stark Industries later on in the movie, which is more like how you would expect Guy Pearce to look like but from a character point of view was quite remarkable.

Like I said this movie was a lot of fun in many ways but was not great for Tony Stark himself, which he did sort of deserve when you think about it.