The Twin Dilemma Episode One

Episode one of The Twin Dilemma is slow to set up the story and by the end of the first episode we don’t know very much about what will follow in the rest of the story, but we do know that the Doctor is having some real issues with his regeneration, and that poor Peri is not having a good time of it at all trapped in the TARDIS with this new Doctor who is really having a bad case of the post regneration blues.

The story starts in a home in the future, possibly the far future, but a far future that looks just like the 80s with lots of tin foil to make it look like it is set far in the future. We see two male twins with really bad bowl haircuts who are playing some sort of game.

These kids are geniuses and are also very, very annoying. It appears that they have no friends as they seem to spend all of their time together and as they are so annoying that is probably not that surprising. They don’t seem to have any time for their mother and their father is also a genius and we do meet him briefly in this episode. To be honest he seems to be as annoying as his children, so we know where they get it from don’t we.

A bit later on the brothers are playing what they call equations which basically means that they don’t have any friends and have to do school work when they are at home. Then an old man appears out of nowhere and appears to know both their names despite never having seen them before and then puts the fluence on them and spirits them away.

When the twins father gets back from wherever it was he had been and left them alone to find them missing he then appears to ring what I can only assume is some sort of intergalatic police force who look like they are walking in a call centre.

Here we discover that the twins are actually quite important and that them going missing could be a bit of a problem so the main police chief Fabian send her best man Hugo Lang to look for the boys.

The Doctor chooses a new costume which like the title sequence, and like the lightning in this episode, is brash, bold and bright. He also has moments where he gets very frightened and is crying to laughing maniacally changing his mood in in instant.

You have to feel sorry for poor Peri in this regard as she doesn’t know what in the hell is going on and the Doctor isn’t really explaining things to her in a way that she can understand.

Things go from bad to worse for Peri as the Doctor decides to strangle her for no apparent reason at all and when he realises what he has done decides that he needs to go as far away as possible to attone for what he had just done to Peri, but of course has to take her with him.

The boys are taken to a space craft which appears to be run by humanoid bird like creatures and there is also a giant slug who is controlling the old man and now the twins.

Hugo Lang goes after them with a load of fellow intergalatic police men but ends up crash landing on this planet after his fleet (well if it was a fleet as that wasn’t really that clear) was destroyed.

Quite a lot happened in this episode when you think about it but we don’t really know a lot about what is going on. We know that the Doctor has got bat shit crazy after his regneration, we know that Peri isn’t really safe with him, we know that the twins are very important indeed due to their intellect and we know that the giant slug needs them for something. Then there is the mysterious old man who seems to be under the control of the giant slug.

The creatures that run the ship that the slug is on, which is now where the twins are are an avian race, which is quite unique in Doctor Who, so that is a nice change.

It is probably a bit too bright this episode, and I am not talking about the Doctor’s costume, especially after the previous episode with was very dark when compared to his episode, but in this episode the Doctor is darker than he was before, so maybe that is the trade off