What is your favorite go to beverage? Water, coffee, tea, coke, soda (non-alcoholic)
I don’t much like water as I don’t think that it tastes of anything. I ilke coffee, I like tea, I like Milk, I like Pespi-Max, I like Coke Zero. I like most drinks to be honest.

Can you change a car tire?
I would say no, not that I have ever done it. I dare say I could if I had to though.

Are you a listener or talker?
A listener definitely. I am not one for talking and often are a man of few words.

Would you rather have no internet or no cell phone?
I am not sure to be honest as my phone works as a phone and a mini computer complete with Internet so I would have to say the internet, if I could still access the internet on my phone that is.