Thor Dark World is not a bad film. Loki is kept prisoner on Asgard after his actions in the first film and Thor is trying to be the best future king that he can and is also keeping an eye on Jane Foster from afar. Some more shit from the past of Asgard comes back to haunt Odin and by some strange coincidence, well not really, Jane gets embroiled in this plot from the long distance past of Asgard when she ends up being infected by this energy known as the Aether which Odin’s father had managed to prevent the Dark Elf’s and their leader Malekefi from using.

Poor Jane went through a lot in this movie, and had to spend most of the time hearing people tell her that she wouldn’t survive for much longer, and also getting a trip to Asgard in the bargain to meet Thor’s folks now that they are going steady as it were.

However Odin is not happy to see Jane as it brings back bad memories for him and also for Asgard itself as this is not good news for the world as the leader of Dark Elf’s is resurrected and uses all of his powers to find Jane and get his hands on the Aether which is not a very good thing for any of the nine realms.

Now that his beloved Jane is at risk because of this Thor is adamant that not only will he stop Malekefi but that he will also save Jane from an almost certain (if you believed Odin and many others) death but not so that they can live happily ever after as he disappeared and left her on her own for more than a year with the rather thin excuse that the bifrost had between destroyed and thus not allowing him to visit her realm until it was restored.

Now that seems like a bloody good reason to me, but women can be fickle so that might not have been a good enough excuse for Miss Jane Foster. Still it must be nice to have that sort of effect on women, that they drop everything else that they are doing at the time if you just so much as turned up because that isn’t usually the case, although perhaps if you had the physique of Chris Hemsworth then perhaps it is more likely to happen.

I thought that Christopher Eccleston was excellent as Malekefi and it wasn’t until the end of the film that I realised that it was him. He was a very effective bad guy in this film and eased menace in every single scene that he was in.

Tom Hiddleston was also very good as Loki in that he always managed to take centre stage whenever he was on the screen and just lifted the scene with his mere presence on the screen and with Eccleston and Hiddleston and Hopkins on screen you got three very powerful actors in this rather silly comic book movie who made the whole thing very believable by them taking it just as seriously as they might say a Shakespeare.

Hiddleston is a far better actor than Chris Hemsworth but Hemsworth is a far more believable Thor than Hiddleston could ever be and likewise Hemsworth wouldn’t have been as effective as Loki, so both of them are very well cast in parts that suit them.

Once again this is a film that you really cannot enjoy without having seen at least the first Thor movie and the first Avengers film as most of the characterisation in this movie is influenced by the events of those films.

That is the only problem with these Marvel comic universe films is that they are not really stand alone movie as they are much better when watched as part of series of films. I guess that there is enough action and spectacle in these films to watch them out of order but for the most part you at least have to have a passing knowledge of the other films for it to really make any sense.

I am not sure that this really is a problem just more of a comment on the very serial nature of these films which is great from a binge watching point of view, which is how I am enjoying them at the moment and enjoying them more as an ongoing series rather than just as stand alone movies.