In episode three of The Twin Dilemma we finally find out what the point of Edgeworth(Azmael)kidnapping the two annoying twins which is good as it was getting to the stage that we were getting nowhere fast in the plot and there was only two episodes left and we still didn’t know why they were kidnapped in the first place.

It does make sense and what Edgeworth wants to do is fairly interesting even though it is totally ridiculous and can only end in disaster but at least we know what it is now.

The cliffhanger of the previous episode was quickly resolved in a fairly reasonable manner totally dispensing the tension that the final few scenes in the previous had in the opening moments of this episode.

What was most interesting in this episode was all of the stuff about the people of Jaconda and some of their myths and also that the Gastropods are a bit whiffy.

Apart from that the episode rather was rather moribund affair that only just about furthered the plot and got the Doctor and Peri to where they neeed to be for the Doctor to ultimately rescue the day by the story’s end.

The Doctor had his manic moments in this episode too but they are starting to get rather few and far between and there is a sense that his new personality is starting to gel now and that this is what we can expect from this incarnation of the Doctor in future episodes which mostly involves rather long and flowery and florid speeches and sticking out like a sore thumb in that bloody godawful costume.

Nicola Bryan does her best in this episode and does give a reasonable performance considering what she has to wear in the episode and the fact that she really doesn’t have a great deal to do in this episode apart from get kidnapped right near the end. I think that was the point of this episode as far as I can see.

Considering the obvious destructive power of Mestor from the things he says and what people say that he does when you actually see him he doesn’t look very frightening at all and doesn’t appear to be able to actually get anywhere without being helped so perhaps all the Doctor needs to do is to push him over onto his back so that he will be totally powerless.

This story does have some good ideas and the Jacondan myths are actually interesting it is just the production values of all of this which is letting it down.