In the fourth and final episode of The Twin Dilemma the Doctor and co work out what Mestor’s plan actually is, and how diabolical it is. They also try and work out a way to stop it from happening as it would mean certain doom for the entire universe if Mestor’s plan was to go ahead as planned.

Edgeworth/Azmael realises what a fool he has been for the previous three episodes and how he has basically been the reason why the plan has got as far as it had, and how it would be rather difficult to stop it at that point.

Quite a lot happens in this episode as the first three episodes were merely leading to this point so this is the episode where the most actually happens that isn’t just getting to the point of the plot and as a result is actually not that bad when it comes down to it.

I was very impressed by Maurice Denham as Edgeworth; less impressed by the Conrad Twins; intrigued by the Jacondan costumes; not at all impressed by the direction and the fact that everything is so bloody bright but as a Doctor Who story it worked and even though it did sag a bit in the middle it held together in the end story wise at least.

I think that by this episode you are getting used to Colin’s more alien Doctor when compared to Peter’s portrayal and that even though he can be rather obtuse and annoying at least he is interesting but you are still hoping that he gets rid of that bloody awful costume which is so far from tasteful that it is difficult to actually describe it as there are no words to accurately describe the costume in its absolute awfulness.

Whilst we are talking about costumes I actually think that Peri’s costume isn’t that great either, and doesn’t do Nicola Bryant any favours at all. For me she should have kept the costume from the previous story as it was much more flattering to Nicola’s lovely figure that what she wears in this story. Actually she might have been better in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt much like most girls of Peri’s age would actually have worn in real life.

In general there is actually quite a good science fiction concept behind this story and it is rather a shame that it took all of that running around in the previous three episodes to get to this point. Perhaps this might have worked better as a two parter like The Awakening earlier that season, it would have been over a bit quicker and might have been better remembered as a result.