Guardians of the Galaxy is a total change of pace for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in that the film isn’t set on Earth and features characters quite different from the characters that we have been used to seeing in this films. Well most of them anyway.

The main character, Peter Quill, a sort of Han Solo rogue type characters who goes searching for items of interest to sell to the highest bidder and it appears that he was actually from the planet Earth and had a human mother and an unnamed and unseen alien father but was taken from the Earth, just after his mother’s death from cancer when he was about eight years old, by a group of space pirates named the Ravagers.

On one of his missions Peter steals a strange orb which sets into motion a whole series of events where an assassin is set after Peter and not only that the space pirates also set a bounty on his head so at that point he is one of the most wanted people in the galaxy.

He then gets mixed up with a load of other ne’er-do-well’s including a modified racoon with an attitude and a walking talking tree and all them (the assassin included) are thrown into a prison home of the worse of the worse of the universe’s criminal society.

They soon discover that the orb contains one of the infinity stones which have been hearing about in all the other Marvel films.

This is where this film links in with the others as, otherwise it would be a totally different sort of film more Star Wars than Superman as it were, and there wouldn’t really be any other visible links with films such as Thor or Iron Man or Captain America.

However, even with this link it does seem to be a bit too different for the cinematic universe, as it just feels totally different to the other films in more ways than not.

As a result I enjoyed this film for what it was, and not really as one of an ongoing series of films, which was a rather pulpy sort of space adventure with plenty of laughs, and a really decent soundtrack which was a fun way to spend a couple of hours and make you forget about the drudgery of day to day life without having to have any thoughts about the characters or what might happen next, which sometimes is just the tonic for the weary viewer.