As of today (19/06/16) Group A has played all of their games and France topped the group after drawing with Switzerland 0-0 to give them 7 points with Switzerland coming second with 5 points. Albania finished third with 3 points and Romania came bottom with just one point.

However there was a blatant penalty for Switzerland in the last seconds of the match which had it been given and scored would have reversed the top two placings. However the ref missed it, even if nobody else did and so France top the group.

In the very first fame France took the lead in the second half only to see Romania equalise less than 10 minutes later. There was a tense stand off before Payet hit the winner for France in the 89th minute.

Switzerland scored an early goal in their match against Albania and held on for 85 minutes to get the three points. Romania took the lead against Switzerland but the Swiss equalised in the second half and the match ended in a draw. Albania gave a spirited performance against France in their second match and nearly ended the match with a famous draw but for two goals from France in stoppage time which saved their blushes.

In the other game Albania beat Romania 1-0 leaving the Romanians rock bottom and with the possiblity of Albania qualifying as one of the third placed teams.

Group B began with Wales playing Slovakia and Wales getting a great start with a goal from Gareth Bale in the first half. Slovakia equalised in the second half but Wales were tenacious and got a second goal twenty minutes later and managing to hold on.

England played out of their skins against Russia and should have scored at least two goals before Eric Dier hit a sweet free kick in to the back of the net and if it wasn’t for a momentary lapse of concentration in added on time would have won the match but Russia capitalised on England’s lapse and scored an equaliser which wasn’t really fair on the balance of play.

In the second group games Russia didn’t manage to score until 10 minutes from the end but Slovakia hit two first half goals which left Russia with a mountain to climb and it wasn’t enough for them.

In England versus Wales it was the Welsh who hit first with Bale scoring yet again but two second half substitutes by Roy Hodgson changed the match and England won 2-1 in stoppage time.

In Group C both Poland and Germany made good starts with wins against Northern Ireland and Ukraine respectively. Northern Ireland had a stormer in their second game, and beat Ukraine by 2 goals to 0, eliminating Ukraine. Poland and Germany played out a nill scoring draw in their second game.

In Group D Croatia and Spain had 1-0 wins to start them off against Turkey and the Czech Republic with Spain showing why they had won the last European Championships at a canter with virtually the same team as 2012. The Czech Republic V Croatia game ended with a 2-2 draw but off the field antics with the crowd marred this game despite their being 4 goals. Spain saw off Turkey 3 goals to 0 in their second game topping the group and showing that they cannot be ignored despite their crap performance at the last World Cup.

In group E Belgium had a shocker of a game against a very good Italian side who beat them by 2 goals to 0 but could have been so much more. Republic of Ireland drew against Sweden 1-1 with the Sweden goal being an own goal! Belgium turned up in the second game and easily beat Rep of Ireland 3-0.

Italy outplayed Sweden in their second game but only just manged to win with the goal two minutes before the end of the game.

In group F Hungary beat Austria 2-0 after the Austrians had a player sent off and drew against Iceland with a very fortunate own goal from the Icelanders. Portugal only managed to draw against both Iceland and Austria much to Ronaldo’s disgust. However Ronaldo really should have won the game against Austria as he managed to miss a penalty which is so unlike him.

In group B a win for England will see them top the group with 7 points. If Wales beat Russia and England win, then Wales will finish second with six points. If both England and Wales draw their games then England will have 5 points, Wales and Slovakia 4 points and Russia 2 points. Wales and Slovakia will have the same goals difference as well.

If England lose then they will have 4 points and Slovakia 6. If Wales lose they will have 3 points and Russia will have 4 points so it really is all to play for in this group. Therefore Wales have to get at least a point if they want to qualify. England could still lose and qualify but I would rather they won!

In group C Northern Ireland could have 6 points if they beat Germany and if Poland beat Ukraine then Poland would top the group with 7 points. However if Ukraine beat Poland then they will have 3 points which will be the same as Northern Ireland if Germany beat them but with a worse goal difference.

A point should see Northern Ireland stand a good chance of finishing as one of the best placed third placed teams but a win will seem qualify outright.

In group D Spain will qualify whatever the result. If they lost to Croatia then Croatia wil top the group. If they draw Spain will still top the group.

Turkey could still finish third with an outside chances of qualification as third place team with a win, a draw would seem them eliminated and the Czech Republic out of the running also. A win for the Czech Republic would seem them with a possible third place qualification.

In group D Italy will qualify whatever the result. If they lost to Rep of Ireland then only a Belgium win could see them not qualify as group winners depending on the size of the win.

A Belgium defeat and a Rep of Ireland win would give both Sweden and Rep of Ireland four points but Sweden would have the better goal difference. A Belgium win and an Rep of Ireland win would see Rep of Ireland with a third placed finish.

A draw for Sweden and a Rep of Ireland defeat would see Rep of Ireland be rock
bottom with Sweden in third place.

In group E all is to play for. Iceland will qualify with a win against Austria as they will have 5 points. If Iceland draw then 3 points might not be enough to qualify and a defeat will see them out of it as Austria would finish with 4 points and them with two.

Portugal really need a win to give them 5 points. A draw would give them 3 points and a defeat would see Hungary top the group with 7 points.