Group B

In the finale group b games Wales outplayed Russia and won by 3 goals to 0 with the first two goals coming in the first 20 minutes. Russia never recovered after that, in fact they never really got going.

England played Slovakia and despite having all of the possession and all of the shots didn’t manage to break through the Slovakian defence and the match ended 0-0.

This meant that Wales topped the group, and Engand finished in second place with Slovakia going through as one of the best placed third placed teams.

Group C

Both Poland and German won by a single goal to nill in their final group games and the table didn’t change with Germany topping the group, Poland finishing second and Northern Ireland third. Northern Ireland’s keeper Michael McGovern had an excellent game and was easily Northern Ireland’s best player in the match and kept the score down to just the one to nill, as it could have been so much worse if McGovern hadn’t been so good in this game but it was enough to see Northern Ireland through to the knock out stages.

Group D

Spain who were expected to through the group unbeaten lost their first game in the Euros since 2004 when Croatia beat them 2-1 but they ended up finishing in second place which I don’t think was part of the plan but it still meant that they topped the group. Turkey beat the Czech Republic.

Group E

In group E it was 1994 again with Ireland beating Italy by a single goal to nill (made in Norwich) and Italy still topping the group. This win meant that Ireland qualified as one of the third placed teams. Belgium who were virtually through made sure with a one nill win againt Sweden which saw Ibrahimovic retire.

Group F

Hungary who were already through in their group had the chance to knock Ronaldo off his perch, which they had a bloody good go at but still the fecker managed to score two goals and the match ended in a thrilling three all draw. Iceland against all odds beat Austria with the last gasp winner which left them second in the group leaving Portugal in third. It would have been hilarious though if the Portgual had been knocked out though, if only to see Ronaldo’s face.

So in the round of 16 we have

Switzerland v Poland; Wales v Northern Ireland; Croatia v Portugal; France v Republic of Ireland; Germany v Slovakia; Hungary v Belgium; Italy v Spain; England v Iceland.

This means that the final cannot be either Germany v Italy or Germany v Spain or even Germany v France. One of those teams could potentially get to the final so at least the final will not be any of those combinations which would have been a bit boring. So there could be an England v Wales final or a England v Northern Ireland final or a Northern Ireland v Republic of Ireland or an Wales v Iceland final or a Northern Ireland v Iceland final or even a Hungary v Iceland final.

Or it could be none of these.

What it will be is exciting!