The third series of The Musketeers is pretty much business as usual in Musketeerland. We have more big bad characters who are throwing their weight around and trying to make sure that Paris swings to their tune, and nobody else’s and there are lots and lots of fight scenes. That really about sums up much of this series if you are being honest, but even though that is the case it is still stirring and exciting stuff.

We open in the midst of a bloody battle where Athos, Porthos and D’atagnan are fighting for their lives against the Spanish in a war that has being going on for quite a long time whereas Aramis is living as a novice monk in a monastery.

It is actually 4 years on from the events of the second season finale and the King now has a beard but is still as dim and trusting as he ever was, and there a new governor of Paris in the shape of Feron and also a new bad guy working behind the scenes called Lucien.

This episode brings the Musketeers back together and back in Paris, so that they can battle the twin evils that are Feron and Lucien, and does it in a fun way.

It shows that Aramis was in general quite a reluctant Monk and as soon as some action came the way of the monastery then he was back to his old ways as quickly as he seemed to relent those ways when he joined the monastery in the first place.

He really couldn’t help himself to be honest and whilst he obviously has some sort of faith it is not enough to stop him from not getting involved when he sees things are not quite right, which is his Musketeer training showing their true colours.

It also shows a very different Paris to the one that they had left four years previously where the people are in a rather bad way, well the poor people at least.

Then there is also the fact that Porthos has a big problem with Aramis leaving them in the first place, although I would imagine that this will sort itself out soon enough, but might be an interesting idea to continue with them not quite trusting each other (well more Porthos not trusting Aramis rather than the other way around) which would play havoc with the Musketeers if it is allowed to continue, which is why it probably won’t happen in the long run.

Lucien is a very straightforward villainous character who we as the viewer take an instant dislike to and immediately want to see get his comeuppance on a regular basis and also to see what it will do to his character when he doesn’t get his own way, as that will set up a very interesting finale indeed.

Feron is a very interesting character who is totally duplicitous and evil and isn’t afraid of showing it and fools nobody but the king into believing that he is a good and decent person who has the best interests of the citizens of Paris at heart.

I am glad that The Musketeers is back, it may be very much the same thing over and over again but, it is entertaining, and a damn sight better than a lot of current television fare in my humble opinion.