In the Quarter-finals two of the games went the distance and were decided by penalties and the other two were won inside the 90 minutes.

Portugal got through against Poland on penalties as did Germany against Italy, although German have still not managed to beat Italy in open play in any tournament football, but are still through to the next stage.

Wales played their heart out and comfortably beat a rather lackluster Belgium side with a late goal that knocked the stuffing out of the Belgium’s. What was funny was that Belgium were expecting to win and thought that if they just turned up then Wales would lay down and let them get on with it, but to their credit they didn’t and, in the end, beat them fare and square.

Iceland also played their hearts out against France but France managed to do what we couldn’t do and score more goals then the plucky Icelanders. I think that France treated them with a bit more respect than we did and they were given a contest, unlike when we played them.

What I would like from the semi-finals is that Ronald has the smirk rubbed off his face by Wales and that Germany beat France for a Germany v Wales final which I will find difficult to call as I would love for Wales to win but have Germany in the work’s sweepstake.

Of course Wales and Germany both have to win, which is not a guarantee, as has nothing been in this tournament, which is a great thing for football.