It was certainly an interesting end the European Championships this year with both semi-finals being won by the teams who were for most part out played by their opponents for much of the games but managed to take their chances which the other team didn’t as if often the case with football where the best team on the day wins.

Wales gave their all against Portugal but weren’t able to capitalise on the numerous chances that they had whereas Portugal got two chances on goal and went and scored both of them which was lucky for them and unlucky for the dragons.

The same happened in the Germany v France game with the Germans bossing the first half entirely doing everything but score with France coming back into the second half and scoring two goals which Germany were unable to reply to.

So Portugal somehow managed to get to the final after finishing third in their group! France do seem to have had all the luck with their games and the time off between their games, but sometimes that is often the case with the home nations but France have managed to do what a lot of other teams managed and scored enough goals to win their matches so on the basis of results France deserved to be there, which I don’t think that Portugal did, although that is because I really hate Ronaldo, rather than any actual viable reason.

The final actually was quite a disappointing game, apart from Ronald being taken of injured before half time, because Portugal managed to score a well taken goal in the second half of extra time which was enough for them to take the trophy, despite not having a great tournament up till that point.

So I didn’t get to see Ronaldo spit out his dummy and England went out really early and my sweepstake team, Germany, being knocked out in the semi’s which means that I didn’t have a great tournament either.

Still there is always hope for 2020, unless of course you are England, as well all know what will happen there.