3.3 Brothers in Arms

In this episode the Kings brother, Gaston, is bought back to the palace by the King for no apparent reason at the start of the episode and, as a result of this, virtually causes a riot after three retired soldiers are shot by Gaston, after he accuses them of stealing from him, and the murdered soldiers friends decide that they want revenge against Gaston when he refuses to accept responsibility for what he has done.

Of course Gaston was never going to admit that he was in the wrong as him being of royal blood meant that he was beyond reproach and that the soldiers were asking for it by having the temerity to attack him in the first place. This is of course typical of the double standards which seem to persist to this very day with certain group of society, in this case royalty being beyond approach even if they actually murder someone in cold blood.

As it turns out that Feron has plans involving Gaston which the King is unaware off and certainly not for his benefit in the slightest. I do have to laugh at how transparent Feron is his duplicitousness which nobody else seems to notice. I reckon that he would walk around with a sandwich board proclaiming “I am a traitor” and nobody in the royal palace would have noticed and taken any attention.

Now for once it was not Feron who actually brought Gaston back but the King himself so Feron cannot be accused of bringing him back in for his own reasons as it was just serendipity that he returned and gave Feron his opportunity, which he took gleefully.

We also get the revelation that King is in fact dying and doesn’t have that long left and is attempting to mend bridges between himself and Gaston, assuming that Gaston’s former treasonous actions are now in the past, or not caring about the fact that he wanted him dead not that long ago and pretending that it never happened.

Gaston is well played by Andre Flynn as a cowardly fop who thinks that the sun shines out of his arse and is entirely untouchable and the worst thing about it is that he is pretty much untouchable as the King is highly unlikely to bow down to the demands of the lower orders, which of courses pisses them off even more.

In this episode the Musketeers are stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place as they have to carry out the orders of the King, but they also do not want to have to fight people like themselves because, even though they are Musketeers, the people they have to fight against this episode are comrades of theirs who fought in the wars with them and possibly saved their lives so this must have been very difficult for them; there was some introspection on the part of the Musketeers about whether or not they were doing the right thing in fighting against their own people but also trying to clear their names at the same time.

It doesn’t help matters either for some of the Musketeers that the psiren like Sylvie keeps popping up and flirting with them at the most inopportune moments and also continuing with her seditious thoughts and actions which are not likely to do her any good in the long run.