3.4 The Queens Diamonds

This episode is a bit of a romp which starts with a bit of highwayman action as the Queen of England (and sister of Louis) Henrietta Maria, is stopped on her way to see her brother in order to ask for money to finance the war between the monarchy and the republic under Oliver Cromwell, and has the crown jewels stolen by said highwayman.

I am not sure what she was doing with all of the crown jewels on her personage at the time which was a sure fire way of them being stolen but then I guess that she probably thought that no one would dare steal them from her as she is a Queen and therefore the very idea of stealing from her would be anathema to her and far too great a risk for a perpetrator as it would surely result in hanging if they were caught.

The Musketeers are then sent after the jewels and find out that the culprit is a person that they have a past with whom none of them particularly like and actually enjoy in taking him back to retrieve the jewels that he had sold when they weren’t his to sell in the first place.

The scenes where the Musketeers take Bonnaire back to retrieve the jewels are often amusing particular the ones where they are sown into the tale of a horse and when they have to have a gunfight in order to retrieve them from a very unhappy customer of Bonnaire’s.

It turns out that Henrietta Maria had arranged to meet a Dutch financier named Val Laar to sort out finance for their war but this was a bit problematic as half the jewels had been lost and the biggest and most precious jewel was still missing.

The King ask Feron to keep the financier busy whilst they retrieve the rest of the jewels and then decides that he will do a little bit of business himself by asking for a loan from the financier for the King to buy the Queen a precious necklace but for which he intends slightly more treacherous plans and a pretty necklace. Oh the cad and the bounder!

Aramis meets an old friend from his childhood (female naturally) who it turns out is getting married to a French nobleman but she is worried that her past will catch up with her and tried to enlist Aramis in making sure that her intended does not find out that she used to be a prostitute but does he best to try to remind her that her past is in the past and that if this man truly loves her then it shouldn’t matter what happened in the past, but she doesn’t really buy it and naturally it doesn’t end well.

It also turns out that the final and most precious jewel of all is in the wedding ring for Aramis’s friend, which causes a bit of a rift between Athos and Aramis when Aramis friend won’t give up the ring at first.

Compared to some of the episode this series this one is quite light hearted and is a nice change of pace with some rather funny scenes and some very touching ones as well all mixed together. It also seems that there is no end to Feron’s duplicitousness and that there is nothing he will not stoop too in her order to get what he needs.