The Two Doctors Part Two

In the second episode it turns out that the thing that attacked Peri was not an animal, or strange alien creature, but Jamie, who appeared to have been the only survivor of the massacre on the station. It can only be assumed the Sontarans just assumed that they had got everybody, and it does makes you wonder why they didn’t just blow up the station, and then they might have got away with their plan.

The Sixth Doctor realises that it was the Sontaran’s who were responsible for the massacre but still cannot work out why they did it, and he isn’t the only person either. Soon realising that they had been tricked by an illusion to assume that the Second Doctor had been killed as, if the Doctor had indeed been killed in his second incarnation, then he couldn’t possibly have been there at that time, and it also might have saved us from some pretty dodgy stories as well, but conversely a lot of classic stories wouldn’t have taken place either, which would have been a great shame.

It stands to reason that the Second Doctor has been captured, and that so has Dastari, which means that someone is trying to work out how to operate a time machine safely as it appears that only Timelords possess this ability naturally, and now that the second Doctor is in their hands and Dastari that means that the famed symbiotic nuclei can be extracted from the second Doctor, and that this would definitely be a strategic advantage to the Sontarans in their never ending war with the Rutans, which would explain their massacre of the space station.

I am not entirely sure if this idea had ever been mentioned before or had just been made up for this story because it does make sense to the plot of this story but does seem a bit odd if hadn’t of been mentioned before if it is so important to the actual act of time travel.

The Sixth Doctor is able to work out where his second incarnation has been taken by putting himself into a telepathic trance and works out his location by the sound of the bells from the Great Cathedral of Seville. Which is a different way of doing it I suppose? I suppose that he couldn’t have just remembered where they were holding him when it happened in this past, particularly you have been held hostage as many times as the Doctor has over his long, long life.

We do in this episode get a plot reason for them to be on Earth rather than any other planet because the other Androgum, Shockeye, wants to taste human flesh, which is a perfectly good reason for an Androgum, and also that it is convenient for the Sontarans, but sadly not really for their reasons for being in Seville of all places.

Oscar and Anita see the TARDIS, and Oscar assumes that it is a real police box (he is very literally minded as well as being a big girl but Anita is more ballsy than he is and you do have to wonder what on earth they have in common, as they sort of seem to be together, or at least that is what I assume they are even if they are totally unsuited to each other) and when he sees the Sixth Doctor and Jamie and Peri exit the box he naturally assumes that they are plain clothes policemen and tells them about the ship and about the unconscious person they saw being taken to the Hacienda. The Doctor plays along with Oscar’s misapprenhension and they lead to them the hacienda.

We soon learn that Dastari plans to give the Second Doctor’s symbiotic nuclei to Chessene, rather than to the Sontaran’s which we initially assumed was the plot (but just might be what I assumed what the Sontarans being there in the first place as otherwise it would be totally pointless having them in the story, and that would be stupid), which really isn’t a better plan than giving it to the Sontarans when you think about it.

The Doctor manages to get into the Hacienda by the back entrance after Peri pretends to be a student looking for digs in the local area which halts Dastari’s plans to extract the nuclei from the second Doctor, much to his disgust. Shockeye takes one look at Peri and decides, as every hot blooded male would, that he likes the look at her, but to eat rather than anything else.

The Doctor and Jamie find the prototype time machine which they plan to make safe with his nuclei, which the Sontarans over hear and begin to make plans of their own.

Peri manages to get out of the Hacienda but Shockeye chases after her and, when she falls over, he leers over her, licking his lips (well you can hardly blame him really) like the great big perv that he is.

For some reason they have managed to stretch this story over three parts when it probably just about has enough plot for two episodes. To be honest if the Sontarans weren’t there then they probably could have got it finished by now, but as they are there, and that they have to do something other than just march around, which is all they have done up to this point, I guess we need a third episode.

As in the first episode Shockeye continues to moan about the state of the food on Earth and even complains about the fact that the old woman from the Hacienda didn’t enough meat on her. What a miserable food critic he is. He later munches on a live rat that he catches in the hacienda which he enjoys more than the old lady.

Shockeye also learns a bit more about human cuisine but is still shocked that he cannot find a cookbook that doesn’t actually have a menu than included humans, which he is rather disappointed with. He should be a judge on the Great British Menu, he would fit right in. He also doesn’t recommend Sontaran as a meal, which is about the only thing that I would agree with him on.

This episode is rather a run around to be honest it never seems to get anywhere. There is some excellent dialogue from Robert Holmes on display and the cast seem to be having a lot of fun but the majority of this episode is little more than padding but what makes this episode are John Stratton and Patrick Troughton, but Troughton is really sidelined in this episode apart from a few choice comments.