Part 2 of Revelation of the Daleks if anything was better than the first part. I say this only because this episode was the culmination of all of the build up that took place in the first episode that bought us to the point where this episode starts. It is all go in this episode and as per usual in this series there is quite a lot of death and destruction, but not all of this very bloody.

I mean Tasambeker stabs Jobel with hypodermic syringe right in the heart, but he was asking for it what with all his comments about her. I mean Tasambeker isn’t exactly a looker but then again neither is Jobel. You could argue that he doesn’t deserve to die in such a fashion but he was such an unlikable and vain oaf that you can see why he did get stabbed by Tasambeker and understand why she felt that she needed to kill him. Despite this there wasn’t really that much blood on display, certainly a lot less than we got in the Two Doctors when Oscar got stabbed, but the result was the same on both occasions. Tasambeker then got blasted by a Dalek even after Davros had ordered to kill Jobel. Not that she probably was bothered about after killing her great love.

The DJ had some fun blasting some Daleks himself before he was then exterminated, which Alexei Sayle made the most of, as you would do. Orcini soon realises that he was being set up by Kara for a fall but decided that it was worth it as long as he could take Davros out. Davros it seems was hiding and he wasn’t just a head in a column as he appeared to be. Unluckily for Davros he was being double crossed by two of his loyal subjects Lilt and Takis which is about right for this story as pretty much everyone was trying to double cross the other, which always makes interesting viewing as you can never quite be sure who is on whose side and vice versa.

Colin Baker’s Doctor wasn’t quite as bombastic and loud in this episode as he has been in the past and was much more likable as a character than he can often be portrayed. He did have his James Bond moment with the quip to Davros after his hand was shot off which was very typical of his incarnation of the timelord.

Peri was rather sidelined in this episode and spent most of her time with the DJ and in general might as well have not been there as there was nothing remarkable in what she did in the episode that would have made a difference to the outcome of the episode if she had been stuck inside the TARDIS for the whole episode, but I suppose that is often the way it goes when there are so many other characters in the story.

Despite the fact that the Doctor is hardly in the story and is sidelined by all the original characters in the story and Davros and the Daleks this is the sixth Doctor’s best story so far, not for what the Doctor does, but for the whole package: the script, the direction, the incidental music, the acting, all of it.