The advertising task is back in the second episode of The Apprentice. In this episode both teams were given some Japanese denim jeans and asked to design packaging and make a short video and a bus stop sign to promote their project and then present these to industry experts. Sounds fairly straightforward right? Not in Apprenticeland I am afraid.

Once again it was boys versus girls and on the boys teams it was Mukai who was chosen as the project manager on the basis that Marketing is his day job. For the girls Rebecca, who said the previous week that she wanted to be the next project manager, put her name in the ring but so did Jessica and the rest of the girls decided to ignore Rebecca and place Jessica as the project mananger.

Well she does have her own luxury brand of women’s clothing so surely this task would be perfect for her as it is playing to her strengths, you would think.

What follows in this epsiode was catalogue of disaster after catalogue of disaster with the girls going to shoot their advertisment without the jeans that they were advertising and the boys shooting their advert with only one model.

There were divisions in both teams with Alana clashing with Jessica and Karthick clashing with, well, everyone else, especially when they wouldn’t listen to him which was also the majority of the time.

Being ignored by everyone else didn’t stop Karthick from trying to get his own way but as he was pissing everyone else off he was thwarted at every attempt.

What with all of the girls teams all trying to get themselves overheard apart from Natalie Jessica pretty much broke down mid task and had to go outside to calm herself down, which I am sure pleased the rest of the girls who thought that they could make themelves noticed whilst she was seen to not be able to cope with the stress of the job.

To be honest I am sure that most of the other girls would probably have broken down with all the cattiness present in the girls team and not just Jessica, who was, at least, a little bit less full-on than she was the previous week.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said of Karthick who was as full-on as he was in the first episode, and is probably the same every minute of every day.

Although Mukai was the project manger he never seemd in control of the team entirely. Dillon was the sub team manager and he took to the task like a duck to water as he is a very design oriented person and was very good in this role in this particular task. He was certainly very keen on chosing the right male model for the advert!

Jessica was also never in control of her team either and to be honest it would be difficult to be in charge of all those very ambitious women at the best of times and it is funny watching them pretend to get on with each other for the task and then turning on in the boardroom to make sure that they do not get fired.

The boys television ad featured a young man on his skateboard falling over and a girl asking him if he was ok and then comparing the fact that they were wearing the same jeans. The girls advert was set in a japanese restaurant toilet and compared japenese cuisine with jeans.

When it came down to the pitches to the advertising experts both teams made a pigs ear of it and it was clear that the experts were not keen on either campaign. This became clear in the boardroom where Lord Sugar bollocked them all and told them that they were all useless, which to be honest they were in this task and that both of the had lost and that each project manager had to bring two people back in with them.

Mukai bought back JD and Karthick back into the boadroom with him. You can understand why he bought Karthick back in as he is an annoying little shit, but JD didn’t do anything particularly wrong and was more promiment in the task than some of the other candidates such as Oliver the sausage man who did fuck all on this task as far as I can see.

Jessica bought Alana and Natalie back with her. Now it was a bit unfair on Alana as all she was trying to do throughout the task was to help Jessica to actually win the task. So I can only assume that it was the fact they clashed for the reason why she bought her in than anything concrete to do with the task.

Natalie on the other hand had for the second week not done a great deal so you can understand why Jessica bought her back in her.

Now I was fully expecting a multiple firing in this episode and there were plenty of reasons to sack the majority of these candidates apart from JD and Alana who, I think, would have been very unlucky to have been fired for their part in this task and it was only fair that neither of them got fired.

Out of the others I would have fired Karthick because he is a price a twat; Jessica because she is annoying and because she was the losing project manager; Mukai because he made a hash of the task and had no authority over his team and Natalie because she hardly did anything in the past two weeks.

In the end Lord Sugar plumped for Natalie on the basis that she had bascially not shown him any reason why he should invest in her business but to be honest I would have fired Mukai and Jessica as both of them were pretty poor project managers.