Jessica Jones AKA The Sandwich Saved Me

In episode five we learned a bit more about Jess’ past and also about Malcolm’s past and how they are linked. We also get some really nice character moments between Jess and Patsy in their pre-Killgrave times, and we also get a very disturbing performance from David Tennant as Killgrave who once again seems to be menacing even when he isn’t on screen, and even more menacing when he is on screen. He is certainly one of the highlights of this series, and I actually think that Tennant is far better in this than he ever was in Doctor Who.

Tennant is hardly on screen but his character is mentioned so often and is such revered and scared tones that his presence is constantly felt and Tennant makes that felt even more so when he is actually on screen.

It appears that Jess wasn’t that much different from how she is now before she met Killgrave (in particular the scene in the bar when this bloke tried to hit on Patsy and her boredom at being in really boring jobs such as the office job and the sandwich board job both of which you can hardly blame her for not being interested it) and in this episode we got to see their first meeting after he witnessed her being heroic and just like that got her to follow his every word, by doing nothing more than telling her what she was going to do and then her doing it without any complaint or moan, if only if that were that simple eh?

I loved the conversation between Patsy and Jess about her proposed Superhero costume and Superhero name which was naturally the costume and name that was used for the comic book version of Jessica Jones but commented on in a rather jokey, and actually quite accurate, summation of how the costume both looks and the name sounds, to ground this version of the character in a bit more reality, if a super strong women who can sort of fly, and a man who has the power to make people do his bidding can be grounded in reality, but this is quite different to the graphic novel that this series is based upon, and is much more based in the real world than any of the other marvel cinematic universe offerings.

Officer Simpson has got his feet well under the table with Patsy in this episode, and to think just two episodes ago he was trying to throttle her and, in this episode, she is letting him go down on her. She obviously isn’t as bothered about him trying to kill her as we thought she was, or perhaps she is just a really bad judge of character, but whatever else he has obviously convinced her that he is not the bad guy in all this.

The ease with which they were able to kidnap Killgrave in this episode and his subsequent rescue showed that he was going to be a bit more difficult to capture than that and it did seem a little bit too easy, and they shouldn’t have been that surprised that it failed in the way that it did.