Jessica Jones AKA You’re A Winner

In the sixth episode Kilgrave is still trying to get Jess back and uses his powers to win a poker game, making him a millionaire, which is to be honest the sort of thing that most people would use that sort of power for.

This shows that Kilgrave is greedy and that he knows that he can use his powers for his own benefit. Of course he couldn’t help himself but tell someone to bash their head into a wall over and over again, which they are powerless to stop as he just simply compels them to do what he wants them to do and there is nothing that they can do about it.

He then finds a property that he likes and goes there with a bag full of money and is able to persuade the owner of the property to accept twice the houses value even though it wasn’t on the market. The weird thing about this was that Kilgrave did not use his powers to do this but was able to persuade the man to take the money. Now if someone offered you twice the value of your property then you would probably consider it, especially if you are offered a hell of a lot of money.

Now the fact that Kilgrave is able to do this without his powers shows that there is a bit more too him than just his amazing mind control powers which only serve to make him even more dangerous than he was before.

Luke Cage returns in this episode and hires Jess to find the brother of a person who has evidence about the death of his wife, which as we know from earlier episodes was at the hands of Jess herself, but under the control of Kilgrave, as Jess is a bit of bad girl, but not evil.

So this episode features Jess trying to do her best to help Luke out but trying to cover up the fact that it was her that actually killed his wife which as she is shagging him is not the sort of thing that she wants him to find out.

Of course the truth will always out in the end and Jess admits that she was responsible for the death of Luke’s wife which puts a end to their whole friends with benefits thing that they had going on.

Jess does her best to make it clear that it was because of Kilgrave that this happened but it falls on deaf ears, as well it might as it would be very difficult to forgive someone for being responsible for the death of your wife, even more so if you actually like the person who was responsible.

When Kilgrave takes possession of the property he moves some wall paper and finds a growth chart written on the wall, and we realise that this is the house where Jess grew up.

Yes, Kilgrave had bought the house of Jess’ deceased parents. You can’t imagine that she was going to be happy with that news.