Jessica Jones AKA Top Shelf Perverts

After the events of the previous episode when she loses her friends with benefits gig with Luke Cage, Jess is not in a good way and she does the one thing that she is good at, which is drinking more than she needs to do She also does a little job for Hogarth which is to get her wife to sign the divorce papers so that she can marry her new girlfriend but Jess does a little bit more than just ask her to sign the papers by threatening to throw her in front of a train if she didn’t.

Perhaps if she hadn’t been pissed out of her skull then she might have been a bit less forceful in what she did here, but I guess it probably worked, if totally over the top. Jess even considered ending it all by letting a train hit her but changes her mind and jumps away at the last possible moment.

Unbeknownst to her while she was out getting rat-arsed and almost killing Hogarth’s wife, Killgrave entered her flat and was surprised to see someone walk in and question his presence in Jess’s apartment. This person is Ruben who clearly has a thing for Jessica and when he admits to Kilgrave that he is in love with Jessica, things are clearly not going to go well for him and to be honest poor old Ruben was just in the wrong place, but his heart was in the right place.

Jess makes her way back to her apartment and is helped up to her apartment by Malcom, and goes straight to bed only find the bloodied dead body of Ruben in the bed next to her. She must have been pissed not to notice that when she first got into bed, I think I might have noticed.

Naturally this sobers her up pretty quickly. It looks like Kilgrave ordered the young man to kill himself and this really gets to Jess and she decides that enough is enough and that Kilgrave needs to pay for this and that the best way for her to get Kilgrave is to her get herself locked up for the crime in a maxiumum security prison where Kilgrave will no doubt go looking for her and video footage of his powers being preserved for posterity

Malcolm doesn’t think that this is a good idea, and he goes to Trish, who also thinks that Jess has lost her mind to come up with such a made plan, but Jess is not to be deterred and despite the fact that Malcolm tries to hide the body and Trish telling her that she is totally bonkers she still goes ahead and get the body back from where Malcolm had dumped it and then she does something rather unexpected.

She severs the head from the body and dumps it on the desk of a polict officer in the local police station and demands to put in the Supermax prison as she is a dangerous psychopath, which given that she had handed them a severed head on a plate would probably be a good guess that she might be exactly as dangerous as she claims to be.

However for some reason the police are rather reluctant to either accept that she was responsible for the death and also to put her inside the Supermax prison, which is a bit odd considering the fact that she delivered them a severed head and confessed to the crime, but apparently that isn’t good enough for the law in this episode.

In the end Kilgrave intervenes and we realise that he is actually in love with her and is totally obsessed with her and sort of explains his actions in the previous episode, and the episode ends with Jess entering the house that Killgrave has bought, seemingly of her own free will.

This is watched by Simpson who has been staking out Kilgrave for a while, and he is rather shocked by it too, especially given what he knew of what Kilgrave was and the things that he has done.

You do have to wonder why Jess has decided to go to Kilgrave of her own volition and it will be interesting to see if this plan works or not, as it is rather more dangerous than her last attempt to capture Kilgrave.