Jessica Jones AKA WWJD?

In this episode we find out a bit more about why Kilgrave grew up into the person that he was; because of his parents and what they put him through as a child it appears. Of course this does not excuse the behaviour of Kilgrave or the terrible things that has done, but it does begin to explain why he does what he does, and why none of his action appear to affect him at all.

Indeed in this episode he totally refused to accept that he has killed anyone saying that all he did was make them want to kill themselves, which I guess you could argue meant that he didn’t actually kill them but, as he compelled them to do so, means pretty much the same thing as they probably wouldn’t have done it if they were not compelled to, which was definitely the case with poor Ruben and of course Hope and her parents.

He also doesn’t seem to believe that he raped Jess, as he assumed that it was concensual, but it isn’t that simple for Jess, as for her it definitely was rape as she did not want it, which is again the definition of rape, so he can’t really wriggle out of that one either, and Jess sure as hell is not going to let him get away with what he did to her and to Hope and all of the others.

It also seems that what Kilgrave wants is for Jess to trust him and let her back into his life and he wants her to do so willingly and not use his powers to get what he wants. Now this is odd as he is perfectly willing to use his powers for everything else, but doesn’t want to compel Jess to like him, but to like him because she wants to like him.

Of course the fact that he has gone to such lenghts to try and impress Jess just makes her think of him as creepier and creepier than she already thought he was so it wasn’t ever going to work, and I am not sure why either of them thought that it would.

Kilgrave did at least get to use his powers for good in this episode for one brief momemt and Jess hoped that it would changed his mind about what he could achieve but, after everything he had done up to that point, just one little think wasn’t going to make him change.

In the end though Jess did get him to trust her but, when she thought that she had got her man once again, there was another twist in the tale, with explosive consequences.

It makes you wonder if Kilgrave has actually thought of everything that Jess might try to do him.