After the debacle that was the advertising task Lord Sugar hoped for better in this week’s task which involved making sweets to sell to the trade and to the public in Brighton.

Firstly he decided to mix the teams up moving Alana, Jessica and Trishna across to join Titans and send Oliver, Paul, Karthik and Mukai over to Nebula managing to put two people who were at each other’s throats in the previous task on the same team, although perhaps that is a ploy to get rid of one of the them.

He also picked the two project managers for the task with Alana managing Titans due to the fact that she runs a cake business and Oliver to manage Nebula as he runs his own sausage business both of which are very similar to sweet production, or at least in Lord Sugar’s mind. This delayed the interminable discussion about who should and shouldn’t be project manager. It is a shame that this doesn’t happen every week, it would make things so much easier.

Both teams had to pick the confectionary items that they were going to flog and then split up to make their confectionary and also to market it and try and hawk it to traders before they let them lose on the general public the day after.

The products on offer were pillow sweets, toffee, fudge and rock but not the usual flavours of toffee, fudge or rock, no that would be too simple and not obvious to these people who clearly know more about what will see than the rest of us will ever do, so we had ice cream flavoured rock and salt and vinegar fudge, I mean why haven’t they come up with that combination already. I can only assume it was because they are crap ideas and would lose them money.

Now both teams were run by people who actually manufactured food items, so you might imagine that they would have had this down pat, but you would be wrong.

Well you would be wrong in the case of Oliver who basically faffed his way through the whole production process and if it wasn’t for the rest of his team then they would have produced absolutely nothing, and they also realised that rock is more difficult to make that you could possibly imagine.

Alana’s team fared a bit better during the production but Alana did get a bit tear half way through but soon pulled herself together. That’s two female teams leader who have burst into tears this series already, probably twice as many as all the previous series put together.

When it came down to selling to trade neither teams covered themselves with glory. Sofiane went to Brighton and Hove Albion Football club to offer them lots of blue and white sweets for them to sell but Sofiane was rather aggressive in his approaching offering them 400 pounds worth when the most they were willing to pay was 300, but this did not deter Sofiane one bit.

Oliver trusted Mukai with pitching to the corporate clients and all he managed to do was to sell 50 bags of sweets for about 1.50 each, making a grand total of £75. Wow what a business man Mukai is.

Due to a cock up in the kitchen the footballs actually ended up as half footballs which Sofiane still tried to flog to the football club and I guess that they took them just to get rid of him, I know I would.

Mukai then went and sold twice as much of the sweets to the same dealer for a much lower price and therefore made £100 from 100 bags of sweets rather than the £75 for 50 that they had the day before. He lost money; surely he must be fired for that. Lord Sugar hates losing money more than anything else.

The sales to the public generally went rather well for both sides but neither of them really had a pricing strategy and ending up just selling stuff for what the thought that they could get for it. In the end Alana’s team sold all their stock, which could be said for poor Oliver.

When it came down to it Alana’s Titans beat Oliver’s Nebula, but not by a great deal but as her team worked better as a team it was the right result on the day.

When it came to bringing people back with him into the boardroom Oliver chose Paul and Mukai. Now I can understand why he chose Mukai as the man is a liability and on this task actually lost money but Paul was bought back in because Oliver felt that he was disruptive more than anything else.

Paul fought his corner well and to be honest he was left off without much of a problem and you had Oliver and Mukai left. Personally I would have fired Mukai, but the man has more lives than a cat and he survived again and it was Oliver who was fired for basically losing control of his team and losing the task. To be honest it was hard to disagree with Lord Sugar on this one, but Mukai should have gone as well.