4wajqynze6nogg9kqoipv1lvac2rf8de-largeWeek four of The Apprentice saw the candidates let loose on the shop floor of Liberty, of one of the most glamourous department stores in the capital.

As this was a task about who can sell the most Sofiane said that he would be the perfect project manager and Grainne said that she would be the perfect project manager as she once worked at Liberty.

Once the project managers were decided upon it was time to work out their plan for the task and this was when saw one of the candidates decide to fire themselves with Alexandra declaring that she was leaving the process right in the middle of the team meeting for Nebula, almost making the project manager Grainne, lost for words.

To be honest I don’t think anybody missed her after she left. In fact that they had probably forgotten about her five seconds after she left the room.

Each team had to pick up a project line from Liberty and then sell them in store. They also had the opportunity to use a window display to entice potential customers in, like a fly to a spiders web, and also to offer a personal shopping service.

Titans sub team manager was Samuel who up to that point had done very little at all and Frances the sub-team leader for Nebula, who also hadn’t done much up to that point.

It was soon decided that scarves are what Liberty is known for but that they also sold a lot of bags so both teams considered going for scarves but Nebula decided that bags were the way to go due to the high ticket price of the bags when compared to the scarves. Also Mukai told them he was an expert in bags, or something like that and Grainne took him at his word and went for bags for that reason alone.

Titans chose scarves as that was what most poeple seemed to want to purchase from the shop and that all of the team members would be able to sell everything to everyone so they would simply win the task by selling lots and lots of scarves.

Both teams were keen to use the window display to their best advantage with Titans using Jessica as a shop display dummy and Mukai keen to use Rebecca as their person in the display but not being allowed to by Grainne.

In the end Nebula’s display was very static and not very enticing but at least Titans had Jess in the window which at the least bought men into the shop if nothing else, but probably not the sort of men who would buy scarves.

Alana and Frances took charge of the personal shopping task which both of them threw themselves into with gusto. Alana however forgot to ask about the person’s size or what their budget was. Frances was a bit better than that and did actually work out what the budget was and what sort of things that they liked, which would be a help in picking out something for them in the first place.

This part of the task went ok for both teams as they both managed to at least make the customers go away with something that they wanted.

On the shop floor the majority of people managed to sell something. Sofiane the self proclaimed greatest salesman in the universe didn’t do much selling, JD did nothing accept make the tea, Karthick spent most of his time helping Frances fetch and carry stuff, Paul got a few sales under his belt managed to get someone to agree to personal shopping and didn’t moan, Rebecca spent a lot of time chatting to people which did not translate into sales. I am not sure what Samuel, Trisha and Courtney did in this task to be honest. Jess made lots of sales even when she spent half of her time in the shop window. Mukai did nothing but moan about how Grainne wouldn’t listen to him about the shop window. Dillon enjoyed himself when it came to the personal shopping task and actually put a shift in for once.

Back in the boardroom it was was announced that the winners of the task were Titans with total sales of 5,2549.38 compared to Nebula’s not inconsiderable 4370.99 which was basically the price of a bag from Liberty.

This meant that Mukai was gunning for Grainne for not allowing him to have his way re the shop window; Rebecca was berated for not making enough sales; Mukai was chastisted for not really doing a great deal other than moaning about what he wasn’t allowed to do. Basically they were all at each other’s throats each blaming the other for the failures of the task and claiming that it had nothing to with them.

Grainne who in general hadn’t done a bad job of being the project manager then dithered when chosing who to bring back in the boardroom and opted, eventually for Karthick and Mukai. Rebecca breathed a sign of relief as she was let of the hook when Grainne could just as easily not have changed her mind.

Now this was Mukai’s third time in the boardroom and it was third time unlucky for the man in the bow tie who was fired for being like a consultant and not doing any actual work. I assume that Lord Sugar has previously had a run in with consultants as they clearly rub him up the wrong way.

It would have been unfair to fire Karthick for this task, but Grainne could have gone for being the defeated project manager, but Mukai’s time had come and Grainne lived to fight another day in the process.