The candidates were getting a well deserved rest from the grind and slog of the process until mid afternoon when Lord Sugar rang them up and demanded their immediate presence. It seemed that he had an all-nighter in mind for them and not the kind where you stay out all night, dance, get pissed and get off with a total stranger either.

Yes it was the welcome return of the negotiating task where Lord Sugar gives the candidates a list of items some of which are obvious and some of which will have the candidates scratching their heads and the team that spends the least money overall will win the task.

Of course there are penalties to be had so as not to make it so easy if they fail to get one of the items and also of they are late back to the boardroom when the time is up. They have until 6am to get all of the items and return back to the boardroom for the grilling from Lord Sugar.

Naturally this task was going to be a piece of piss for all of the candidates as they are all superb negotiators who can always get the best deal and so it was hard to see how any team was going to lose, at least in their heads anyway.

When it came to choosing project managers it was expected that Rebecca would stand up to the plate and take on the mantel for Nebula but she didn’t and when Trishna showed an interest and because she was from the area she decided to back her even though Lord Sugar had made it clear to her that she would be best in being a project manager sooner rather than later. Obviously she did not take the hint. Courtney took up the mantle for Titans.

The items on the list including a tagine, a rambutan, a lengha, rainbow bagels, african black soap, a bird of paradise, a print of a London landmark, expensive cigars.

Neither teams could work out what a Raumbutam is but I am surprised they didn’t Google it. They all have smart phones unless they are not allowed to research the items first, but if they are I haven’t noticed that rule before. The teams then split up with Karthik being the team leader for Titans and Paul for Nebula.

In Nebulas teams whilst Trishna was coming up with her teams strategy Sophiane was busy doing his Lord Lichfield impression and taking snapshots out of the window. He claimed he was doing it to get the picture thing out of the way, but I think it was because he was bored.

Eventually the teams went their own separate ways to bag as much stuff as they could. Half of Nebula went straight to a printers to print out Sophiane’s masterpiece not a 24 hour printers but the first one that they could find and the other half went for the bagels as is it never too early to order loads of multicoloured bagels and that is the sort of thing that is often needed in the early hours of the morning in the smoke.

Titans didn’t seem that bothered about getting the picture or the bagels first as they realised that they could get them near the end of the task as there is bound to be 24 hour printers around and decided to go for the less obvious items such as the tagine, which Courtney thought was Turkish, so a Turkish shop was where he went for it only to find out that they didn’t have them. That’s because they are Moroccan you numpty.

Some of the items were a bit easier to get than others with the cigars not being that easy to get especially for a song as Lord Sugar had picked out particularly expensive ones which are always going to be difficult to negotiate for. Alana used her feminine wiles to get her team’s cigars by telling him that they are all nice people and that he wants to give them a good deal. I wonder in the end if he did that just to get rid of her.

Jessica tried a different tack saying that they were her dad’s favourite cigars and that he needed them ASAP and that she just simply didn’t have the price that he was asking for them. I am not sure why she thought the vendor would give a shit about her dad but she kept on and on about it till he agreed to sell them to her but not at the reduced rate that she wanted.

As for the Lengha Nebula got the better deal by purchasing a child ones which was the opposite of Titans who went to high end shops who were selling them for at least 200 quid each with Karthick become more Indian then normal when talking to the vendors. That was quite amusing and it didn’t work the way that he intended to either, which was also amusing.

Rebecca sent Paul and Frances on a wild goose chase for soap and tagine to a shop that sold neither despite Rebecca asking for it over the phone. They seemed to think that she said Soup rather than Soap and Tahine rather than Tagine. Well it is an easy mistake to make I suppose but did cost them a lot of time.

When it came down to it Nebula ended up being late back to the boardroom with two items of the list with Titans only missing one item. When all was tallied up Titans won by spending less money on their items and only getting one fine. Trisha decided that the culprits for losing the task were Rebecca and Sophiane.

Now as this meant that Rebecca had finished on the losing teams again and had been bought back into the boardroom again meant that pretty much she was doomed from the moment her name was mentioned and in the end that was the decision that Lord Sugar made. I guess that was probably fair in terms of all the tasks so far combined, but not for this task alone.

Yes she did drag them away on a wild goose chase for nothing but there were other mistakes made by other members of the team which you could argue make them equally as culpable but poor Rebecca was doomed from the moment Trishna uttered her name.
oment Trishna uttered her name.