Lord Sugar laid on two venues for the candidates to arrange and set up an evening of entertainment, sell tickets to the event and then host said event to see who could make the most money. Of course if the customers were not happy then they would be able to either not pay for it, or pay what they thought it was worth, if anything so they needed to make sure that they did the best job that they could possibly do.

The venues were Madam Tussauds and the London Aquarium with Titans going to the Aquariam and Nebula to the waxworks. Paul took on the mantle of project manager for Nebula despite Jessica telling him that she does that for a living. Dillon took on the mantele for Titans as he had to prove himself as more than just a nice guy in this task. Paul then chose Jessica as the sub team leader after pipping her for the post of project mananger. The teams were able to chose their own entertainment. Neubla went for an underwater themed party as they were at the Aquarium, which does make logical sense whilst Titans went for a casino experience.

The first thing is to decide how much they are going to sell tickets for and what the punters are going to get for their dough. Both teams set the ball high with the prices obviously expecting people who live in London to be able to throw money around, which is probably entirely truthful.
The teams split up to sort out food and drink options and to sell tickets. Paul and Frances sampled rather posh burgers, which would have to be post as they are charging £50 to get in to the event and then pay extra for a burger, so it better had been a bloody good burger.

Jessica, Sofiane and Trishna went to sell tickets to their event with Jessica thinking that the hot food was part of the deal and the others thinking that it was an extra charge, so natuarally Jessica sold quite a few tickets on that basis, but not until she had dropped the price almost by half.Nebula on the other hand kept their prices high and refused to budge on the prices despite people asking them too just to get a sale.

When they get to the venues Tussauds told them how much they would normally charge for an events which was far more than what Paul had originally wanted and was more like what Jessica sold her tickets for but they still didn’t know that she had offered hot food to these customers as well.

Meanwhile Dillon takes the underwater theme to the next level and spends the rest of the episode dressed as a sailor and enjoying himself a little bit too much with Alana trying to hold Dillon back as best as she could and reign in some of his more elaborate ideas which would probably have bankrupted the team.

Trying to maximise profits Nebula cut back on the food that they were offering to the bare bones and had smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber without the salmon and with one slice of cucumber and something called a bruchetta bites wich was basically a cracker with a slice of tomatoe on top.

Team Titans generally (well Dillon for sure) had a great time apart from Grainne and Courtney who were tasked with selling tickets whilst dressed as a mermaid and a pirate respectively.

In the end Nebula had to give in and provide some of their ticket sellers with free food as they had been sold the tickets on that basis which didn’t go down too well and Paul decided to dress down Jessica in public in front of the customers which just made him look like a bully and didn’t impress the customers who witnessed it either.

They also had a chance to offer free tours of their respective venues and both Trishna and Courtney were tasked with doing this and Trishna did a great job of it and actually told the people on the tour exactly what she was told to tell then whereas Courtney forgot everything that he was told and was basically reduced to pointing at things and letting people work out what it was for themselves.

When it came down to it Nebula lost more money in refunds and free food and as a result Titans won with a one hundred percent satisfaction rating with none of the customers wanting a refund on their experience despite having quite possible the worst tour guide ever courtesy of Courtney who could not have sounded as disinterested in his subject if he tried.

Paul decided to bring both Frances and Jessica back into the boardroom with him and ended up being fired primarily because he answered Lord Sugar back in the boardroom, and for also being a bit like a bull in a china shop in most of the previous tasks throwing his dummy out of his pram when things did not go his way.

Jessica did make a few mistakes in this task such as not finding out about whether or not the food was included in the ticket price but she did not deserve to be treated the way that she was by Paul and it was not clear why Frances was in there as she did very little wrong in the task that was noticable.

To be honest Sofiane got away scott free in this episode and he did a lot less than the two girls who got bought back to the bedroom. Trishna on the other hand did an excellent job especially with the tour and she deserved not to be bought back.

As a result of that Paul really had to go as he totally bungled the task and also because Lord Sugar didn’t like his attitude. To be honest if Grainne and Courtney hadn’t of been on the winning team either of them would have been a good bet to be fired this week but they managed to get away with it by being on the winning team.

So, although I think Jessica was lucky not to be fired this week, I think that Paul really did deserve to go and that the right decision was made, for the right reasons.