apprentice-xlarge_transv0gcxsd9emdn0inzglww3vjbel8sgky55ebncjcjldiAnd then they were six. Five girls, one boy. One more task to go and then there would be five.

This task would be a product creation task where they could create a product, and then try to hawk it to retailers with the simple fact that the team with the largest number of orders would win and the one with the least orders would lose. As there were three people in each team none of the losing team could avoid being taken back into the boardroom so none of them wanted to be on the losing team as they couldn’t really hide behind someone else if something went wrong.

They were charged with coming up with a new brand of gin to try and tempt handpicked potential customers including a large supermarket chain and a chain of pubs. Grainne and Courtney were chosen as project managers but Alana did offer to be a project manager but it was decided that Courtney was a better choice for some reason which I found it hard to put my finger on, and which Alana certainly couldn’t work out either.

Grainne was entirely unchallenged as project manager even though her only qualification to be an expert on this topic was that she liked to drink gin. For Courtney’s teams Alana was chosen to actually make the gin with Courtney and Jess working on the branding. Trisha and Grainne came up with the gin itself with Frances working on the branding for their team.

Courtney came up with the name of Giin for their brand and Alana came up with the raspberry flavour. Frances came up with the name Colony gin for her teams product and Trishna decided that it needed to stand out so they decided to make their gin bright orange and decided to colour it using food colouring rather than by natural methods.

Alana was very methodical in her creation of the product which was not the same as the other team’s methods which seemed to entirely consist of trying lots and lots of gin and giggling like a pair of schoolgirls.

Frances was rather pro-active in her approach to the task and basically did all of the branding work on her own as she was not able to get the information that she needed from the product team as whenever she rang the other two it went straight to voicemail. That didn’t go down well with Frances who was all for blaming the other two if it went wrong because of this.

Courtney took the lead on the branding exercise as he was so positive that he knew what he was doing and Jess was quite happy to let him, but she did try to get her point across and make sure that Courtney listened to her at least.

The following day Frances made it quite clear that she wasn’t happy about not being able to get in touch with Grainne and Trishna, and Trishna didn’t seem to be herself, perhaps she was hung over? There was a lot less tension in the other team.

When it came down to the pitching it became clear that not many people liked the name of Grainne’s teams gin, or the colour of it, or the fact that it harkened back to the days of slavery. When it was suggested that the colour wasn’t all that important if they were interested in it, Trishna made it clear that the colour was part of the branding and that to change it would lose their unique branding as “the orange gin that people keep talking about”.
Once they had done their pitches there was very little that they could do until the results came in. In the end the orange gin didn’t gain much interest at all and didn’t garner much interest at all, whereas the other gin did at least appeal to the potential buyers and that resulted in Courtney presiding over yet another win, making his head grow even bigger than it already was.

With nowhere to hide all of the competitors had to face a potential firing and they all had the guns out for the other two and it was Trishna’s mood on the second day of the task and also the fact that the main reason people hated their gin was because it was her idea to have it that colour that led to her being fired over the other two.

So now we have the final five: four girls and one boy. I guess that there is a good chance that a woman will win this year and I am hoping that it will be Jess.