apprentice-claude-littner-0In the penultimate episode of the Apprentice the five remaining candidates had their business plans examined and torn apart by four of Lord Sugar’s trusted advisors.

Each of the five plans was studied minutely under a microscope with all the flaw pointed out them in great detail as what any other glaring errors that might have been made such as comments which should have never been included making some of the candidates think twice about applying for the process in the first place.

Grainne’s business plan was set to set up an academy of make-up where she would teach people how about the makeup business, and offer professional qualifications in this, even though she was not qualified to do so herself, and as well as running the whole shebang she would do also do makeup herself, when she had the time.

Jessica’s plan was to pay celebrities lots of money to wear her own designs of clothing and then tweet about how great they were, or facebook, or instagram, or any other social media platform in the hope that this would translate into sales of the clothing but it seemed to suggest that she would throw away the 250,000 away in paying celebrities with no guarantee of making any money afterwards.

Frances business plan was to build upon her current business of running clothing stores for children by opening up new stores and making their really friendly places where mothers can take their children and have play sessions whilst they shop and where they can even breastfeed if they want to.

Alana’s business plan also involved making her current business which was selling cakes to bakeries all over the country bigger and more profitable than it currently is when it is just her running a small business from her parent’s kitchen.

Courtney also wanted Lord Sugar’s money to help him create new novelty items which he could then sell for loads and loads of money which he also currently does in his bedroom at home.

It soon became clear that neither Grainne nor Jessica’s business were never going to work in the way in which they thought that they would. For instance Jess’s would probably bankrupt Lord Sugar before he even started to make any profit which was never going to go down with him.

It was likely that Jessica’s plan would bear fruit in the future but probably not close enough for Lord Sugar to actually see a profit in a reasonable time scale and not before he would see lots of money being wasted on throwing stuff at celebrities for whom he would have to rely on them being able to promote the stuff well enough to make money, which I really don’t think Lord Sugar thought was very likely at all.

Neither Frances or Grainne’s business plans would seem to be a good option for Lord Sugar either as neither of them seemed to have that much of a profit margin, and neither of them were really the sort of thing that Lord Sugar could really help them with either, when they were pretty much already doing it for themselves, and also weren’t going to make him the kind of money that he would expect from a £250,000 investment.

Therefore after finding out all of this stuff it wasn’t that surprising that it was Alana and Courtney who made it to the final with their business that both involved end products which could both be marketed and sold, things which Lord Sugar knows well, and where he can smell a tidy profit if given the right contacts and assistance.

Indeed at this stage of the proceeding it did seem as though Courtney had the upper hand as his business was far more like what Lord Sugar was used to than the kind of business that Alana was touting, but both of them had potential so it was up to the both of them to convince him to hand over his cash to them.