The final saw Alana and Courtney launch their respective business and show what they have done to an invited audience so that one of them will get the cash injection that their business needs. Each team handpicked a team to help them with Courtney choosing Jessica, Kart hick, Paul and Sofiane and Alana choosing Grainne, Frances, Rebecca and Oliver.

The business are explained to the former candidates: Alana’s is a business selling cakes to deli’s and cafes all over the country and Courtney peddles novelty items, or tat as they are better known, or tut if you are Lord Sugar.

Both teams brainstorm a name for the business. Courtney decides he wants a fun name for his novelty tat; Alana wants a name that speaks of quality. A couple of the names suggested by Courtney’s team included Bingo Bongo or Ringo Dingo names which are quite fun but not really suitable for anything. Karthick suggested pocket pleasers which would be fine if he were making condoms but not suitable for the tat that he was actually producing.

Alana’s team are keen on the name Oh My Bake, which sounds like a sitcom set in a bakery to me rather than a cake brand. A comment about the richness of one of the cakes Alana made proved to be a winner so they decided on the name Ridiculously Rich, which Claude wasn’t too keen on, but Rebecca was very keen on and in the end she wore Alana down and she went with that even though she wasn’t entirely convinced by it at first.

Courtney finally nailed down his name with his favourite colour and his favourite animal which were purple and whale so Purple Whale it was. On second thoughts maybe Bingo Bongo wouldn’t have been such a bad name as Purple Whale sounds a bit like a firm of estate agents.

They also had to make a ten second video which for Courtney’s team was left to Jess, Sofiane and Karthick who decided to film lots of fun stuff with different costumes and then edit them together into something random which might or might not persuade people to by Courtney’s tat. For Alana’s team Frances and Grainne were larking about dressed as cupcakes, as you do.

When it came down to the branding of the business Rebecca assisted Alana with coming up with the logo which the moment Grainne and Frances saw it didn’t like it, and were not backwards in coming forward about letting Alana know about their dislike of it, which Alana didn’t take to kindly to. On the other side Courtney seemed happy enough with the branding for his business. There was also a short advert for each business which is always a laugh when Apprentice candidates attempt to make them as they are often entirely risible and laughable, attempts but is always fun to watch.

For Alana’s video Rebecca played an owner of a cafe named Maureen, which didn’t go down well with her as she didn’t think that she looked like a Maureen, and Grainne as a customer who returns each and every day for one of Alana’s cakes showing how great they how and how people will flock to buy them, hopefully convincing Lord Sugar to invest.

Alana also took ownership of the logo and decided to add her signature to the logo and get rid of the cake stand. This did upset Rebecca a little but it did look more striking like this and made it clear whose business it was.
Sofiane, Jessica and Karthick made a video with a married couple (Jessica and Karthick) and how the husband forgot his anniversary and rang up Purple Whale for a fun gif for his wife. This was all well received until Karren pointed out that the business was online and not phone based and then they suddenly had to try and show him ordering online instead. Lucky for them that Karren noticed this as none of the three of them had picked up that important point about the business and it could have proved rather costly for Courtney in the end.

When it came down to the pitches Alana despite being very nervous nailed her pitch really well and Courtney surprised everyone by having a personality during his pitch and not just reading it from a cue card and actually did rather well.

So both pitches went well and neither of them really did worse than the other and so it was no down to Lord Sugar to pick which one he thought was the winner and to be honest it would have been very difficult to pick one out at this stage as being more promising than the other.

In the end it was Alana who was chosen to be this year’s winner and primarily because Lord Sugar wanted to take a punt at an industry that he hadn’t yet tried. I would say that is someone other than Alana had been in the final with Courtney then he might well have won because his business was right up Lord Sugar’s street and he would have made a success of it, if he had chosen it.

In the end both of them would have been worthy winners but I can see what attracted Lord Sugar to Alana’s business idea (and it is not just Alana who, it has to be said, is rather easy on the eye) and why she won. If he had wanted to do something he could have done in his sleep he would have chosen Courtney, but as he was feeling daring he went with something different, and you have to give him credit for not just going for the easier option, which would have been so easy for him.