I plan to have a go at the following challenges over the course of 2017 and I have decided that any book that I read is eligible for any of the challenges below.

The Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

1. Recommended by a Librarian:
2. Been on Your TBR List Way Too Long:
3. Book of Letters:
4. Audiobook:
5. Book by a Person of Color:
6. One of the Four Seasons in the Title:
7. Book That is a Story Within a Story:
8. Book With Multiple Authors:
9. Espionage Thriller:
10. Cat on the Cover:
11. By an Author Who Uses a Pseudonym:
12. Bestseller From a Genre You Don’t Normally Read:
13. By or About a Person Who Has a Disability:
14. Book Involving Travel:
15. Book With A Subtitle:
16. Published in 2017:
17. Book Involving a Mythical Creature:
18. Book You’ve Read Before That Never Fails to Make You Smile:
19. Book About Food:
20. Book With Career Advice:
21. Book From a Nonhuman Perspective:
22. Steampunk Novel:
23. Book With a Red Spine:
24. Book Set in the Wilderness:
25. Book You Loved as a Child:
26. By an Author From a Country You’ve Never Visited:
27. Title That’s a Character’s Name:
28. Novel Set During Wartime:
29. Book With an Unreliable Narrator:
30. Book With Pictures:
31. Book with Main Character Who is a Different Ethnicity From You:
32. Book About an Interesting Woman:
33. Book Set in Two Different Time Periods:
34. Month or Day of the Week in the Title:
35. Set in a Hotel:
36. Written By Someone You Admire:
37. Book Becoming a Movie in 2017:
38. Book Set Around a Holiday Other Than Christmas:
39. 1st Book in a Series You Haven’t Read Before:
40. A Book You Bought on a Trip:
1. Book Recommended by an Author You Love:
2. Bestseller From 2016:
3. Family Member Term in the Title:
4. Takes Place Over a Character’s Life Span:
5. About an Immigrant or Refugee:
6. From a Genre/Subgenre You’ve Never Heard of:
7. Book With an Eccentric Character:
8. Book That’s More Than 800 Pages:
9. Book Yo Got From a Used Book Sale:
10. Book That’s Mentioned in Another Book:
11. Book About a Difficult Topic:
12. Book Based on Mythology:

The challenge will be exactly the same as last year, 12 classic books, but with slightly different categories. You do not have to read 12 books to participate in this s

• Complete six categories, and you get one entry in the drawing
• Complete nine categories, and you get two entries in the drawing
• Complete all twelve categories, and you get three entries in the drawing
And here are the categories for the 2016 Back to the Classics Challenge:

1. A 19th Century Classic – any book published between 1800 and 1899.

2. A 20th Century Classic – any book published between 1900 and 1967. Just like last year, all books MUST have been published at least 50 years ago to qualify. The only exception is books written at least 50 years ago, but published later, such as posthumous publications.

3. A classic by a woman author.

4. A classic in translation. Any book originally written published in a language other than your native language. Feel free to read the book in your language or the original language. (You can also read books in translation for any of the other categories).

5. A classic published before 1800. Plays and epic poems are acceptable in this category also.

6. An romance classic. I’m pretty flexible here about the definition of romance. It can have a happy ending or a sad ending, as long as there is a strong romantic element to the plot.

7. A Gothic or horror classic. For a good definition of what makes a book Gothic, and an excellent list of possible reads, please see this list on Goodreads.

8. A classic with a number in the title. Examples include A Tale of Two Cities, Three Men in a Boat, Slaughterhouse Five, Fahrenheit 451, etc.

9. A classic about an animal or which includes the name of an animal in the title. It an actual animal or a metaphor, or just the name. Examples include To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, The Metamorphosis, White Fang, etc.

10. A classic set in a place you’d like to visit. It can be real or imaginary:The Wizard of Oz, Down and Out in Paris and London, Death on the Nile, etc.

11. An award-winning classic. It could be the Newbery award, the Prix Goncourt, the Pulitzer Prize, the James Tait Award, etc. Any award, just mention in your blog post what award your choice received.

12. A Russian Classic. 2017 will be the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, so read a classic by any Russian author.

Humour Reading Challenge

There are different levels on this challenges. You may go up a level, but not down. The levels are as follows:
Cartoonist: 1-5 books
Humor Columnist: 6-10 books
Comedy Writer: 11-15 books
Stand Up Comedian: More than 15 books

Guidelines for the Challenge:

• Challenge runs from January 1 to December 31, 2017. Books must be started on or after January 1 to count. Re-reads are allowed as long as they are read during the specified time frame.
• Books may cross over to other challenges in which you are participating.
• Any book (fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, graphic novels, poetry collections, plays, picture books) labeled as humor counts. As such, all book formats (paper, audio, electronic) may be read.
• You do not need a blog to sign up. You may keep tract of your progress on Goodreads, Amazon or other similar sites with a shelf dedicated to this challenge. Or sign up on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
• There will be no checkins, nor do you need to post reviews.


January – Book I
February – Book II
March – Book III
April – Book IV
May – Book V
June – Book VI
July – Book VII
August – Book VIII
September – Book IX
October – Book X
November – Book XI
December – Book XII


The Fellowship of the Ring
January – Book One: The Ring Sets Out
February – Book Two: The Ring Goes South

The Two Towers
March – Book Three: The Treason of Isengard
April – Book Four: The Ring Goes East

The Return of the King
May – Book Five: The War of the Ring
June – Book Six: The End of the Third Age
July – Appendices

Guideline: Read one book of at least 100 pages.
Requirement: Book should have a main character or significant secondary character that fits one of the LGBTQI or A requirements.


11 = Ace, 12 = Jack, 13 = Queen, 14 = King

Clubs by Roald Dahl
2 Katina
3 Only This
4 Beware of the Dog
5 An African Story
6 Yesterday was Beautiful
7 A Piece of Cake
8 They Shall Not Grow
9 Madame Rosette
10 Death of an Old Man
11 Someone Like You
12 The Mildenhall Treasure
13 Man From the South
14 The Great Automatic Grammatizator

Diamonds by Roald Dahl
2 The Sound Machine
3 Poison
4 Taste
5 Dip in the Pool
6 Skin
7 My Lady Love, My Dove
8 Lamb to the Slaughter
9 Nunc Dimittis
10 Edward the Conqueror
11 Galloping Foxley
12 Neck
13 The Wish
14 The Soldier

Hearts by Roald Dahl (2) J G Ballard
2 Clauds Dog
3 Prima Belladonna
4 Escapement
5 The Concentration City
6 Venus Smiles
7 Manhole 69
8 Track 12
9 The Waiting Grounds
10 Now: Zero
11 The Sound-Sweep
12 Zone of Terror
13 Chronopolis
14 The Voices of Time

Spades by J G Ballard
2 The Last World of Mr Goddard
3 Studio 5, The Stars
4 Deep End
5 The Overloaded Man
6 Mr F. is Mr F.
7 Billennium
8 The Gentle Assassin
9 The Insane Ones
10 The Garden of Time
11 The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista
12 Thirteen to Centaurus
13 Passport to Eternity
14 The Cage of Sand