You know that when it is getting a bit chilly outside that it is time for Death in Paradise to return to our screens, this time for the sixth series.

Saint-Marie has an active volcano and a purpose built research laboratory set up on the island and the head of lab one morning decided to spend the night checking out some equipment that was sat out halfway up said volcano and failed to return. When they went looking for him he was found dead.

At first sight it looked as though he had died of natural causes after suffering from a heart attack six months previously but as soon as Humph went to check on the body he immediately noticed the lack of a torch on the possession of the victim which immediately made him think that he probably didn’t die of natural causes after all, even though all of the available evidence suggested that he did.

Humph being Humph though this little discrepancy was the key to working out who the killer was and this time there was not just a single killer, which made for a nice little twists.

Out of the four people who could have been the murderer it seemed unlikely, at first,that any of them would have wanted him dead but once the team began to scratch below the surface things started to appear such as one of them not being who they were supposed to be, one of them sleeping with the victim and one being a drug addict, so there were lots of reasons for getting rid of him in the end.

The actual mystery of this episode wasn’t all that interesting to be honest but what was interesting is the lovely views of Saint-Marie, the wonderful Kris Marshall and Don Warrington and the fact that this is a perfect hour of escapist drama where it is very warm, which warms your very cockles.

I am not sure that the series would work as well if it were shown in the summer at all as this is a perfect antidote to the British winter, even when it isn’t all that cold.

It was also nice to see Humph finally kiss his friend who is a girl but not his girlfriend, as it was about bloody well time!