In this episode there is a literary festival being held in Saint-Marie. The guest of honour at this festival is a novelist who was born and still lives on the island and is someone that everyone on the island has heard of and respects and one of her novels set on the island features a young woman who throws herself off one of the cliffs on the island.

Then by coincidence this young woman who was helping out with the festival is found dead at the bottom of the cliff with a suicide note telling her family that she was sorry. The apparent cause of death was suicide but once Humph came on the case he was immediately drawn to the fact that not only was the sucide note typed, but that it was signed by a plain ordinary biro and not with the posh fountain pen that the girl carried round with her and seemed to write everything with. Everything, it would seem but her own suicide note.

Naturally this got Humph thinking that there might be more to it than meets the eye and so he set about to prove that she did not kill herself despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

It didn’t help the team that Florence was actually a friends of victims from their schooldays and she in particular found this case rather difficult but this allowed to really concentrate on making sure that the truth was made clear as she was not entirely convinced that her friend would have commited suicide.

It also turned out that only four people actually knew, or had come into contact, with the girl during her short time on the island, which meant that they were the likely suspects for her murder, but it appeared that all four of them were nowhere near the cliff where she apparently fell from, and all appeared to have cast iron alibies for their innocence.

Of course this was nothing to the brilliance of Humph who soon worked out who the culprit was and it was quite interesting, and also quite obvious with hindsight. I did not work it out when Humph did, but once he explained it, there had to be no other solution.

This programme always makes me smile, and most of the time it is due to the precense of Kris Marshal and Danny John Jules.