Humph and Martha were trying to have a romantic getaway away when a body was found in the hotel that they were staying in, which is about par for the course where Death in Paradise is concerned, and was not the least bit surprising, if not a bit of a kick in teeth for Humph.

Naturally there were only a few possible suspects for the murder because Humph saw the victim go up the stairs of the hotel not long before the body was found and that he saw no one go up the stairs until one of the hotel staff found the body shortly afterwards.

Naturally the person who found the body was the first of the suspects, but didn’t really have that much of a reason to kill them and was quickly discounted despite the lack of evidence of other possible suspects and the likelihood that they were one of the few people who had been alone with the victim before he was found dead.

However shortly after that the rest of the potential suspects all had possibly (such as jealously or revenge or some other such more obvious motive to kill), which is probably why he didn’t immediately pin the blame on them, when it would have been very easy to do so, and that is what I like about this series, that often the person you least likely think will be the murderer is usually the culprit in the end and this episode was no different to the others.

Actually in this case it was rather different to the others as unlike the others this didn’t turn out to be premeditated at all and was all just a tragic accident and most tragic of all was the person whom Humph unmasked as the person responsible, given what we had discovered about them earlier on in the episode.

Yes the series is getting very samey but it never fails to raise a smile when we watch it, which for me is the most important thing.