I have been watching the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet which is an interesting show with an interesting premise. The premise being that Drew Barrymore’s character Sheila turns into a Zombie in the first episode and the rest of the episodes are about her and her husband, Joel (Timothy Olyphant) trying to live a normal life despite this slight problem of her being undead.

In the first episode Drew Barrymore’s character Sheila is an ordinary early middle aged woman with a husband and a sixteen year old daughter but for some reason in the middle of then trying to sell a property she promptly vomits lots, and I means lots, of green stuff out of her gob and this goes on for quite a while.

She then goes to the toilet and you can hear her being violently sick several more time. When Joel finds her the bathroom is covered in green bile and Sheila looks like she has died but she suddenly wakes up and then looks around and sees this thing which she has bought up which may, or may not, be an organ.

They try to clean up as best as they can and when they get back home she complains that she cannot feel her heartbeat. They try to go to a hospital but they take ages to get seen and give up, which is pretty much par for the course and so try and self diagnose with a stethoscope and the nerdy kid next door who is an expert in all thing Zombie, and who also has crush on their daughter.

Sheila then has a taste for raw meat of all types and also finds herself with a veracious sexual appetite, much to the delight of Joel. It was also going so well until another realtor tries it on with Sheila and she bites his fingers off and then starts feeding from him. Joel comes home and finds Sheila feasting on the lessening corpse of the realtor and then promptly helps him to clear the body away.

The problem now is that Sheila now cannot stomach raw meat anymore and has to feast on human flesh and now they have had to move a partially dismembered body from their backyard and are totally out of their depth.

It sounds rather dark doesn’t it but this show is played totally for laughs despite the subject matter and even though there are lots of blood and guts on display and the scenes where she vomits are very in your face it is actually rather funny in a sort of dark way which is often the kind of humour that I like so this really appeals to me.

I have seen lots and lots of different Zombie shows and films but I have never before seen a Zombie as hot as Drew Barrymore and apart from having a new zest for life and no filter anymore she doesn’t seem any different to how she was before she suddenly became a Zombie.

So, in this show the Zombies aren’t really the bad guys and the person that Sheila kills, and eats, is basically a bit of bastard who thinks that he is god’s gift to women, and pretty much tried to rape her before she started munching on him, which means that she was only defending herself, well sort off.

So in the first half hour episode a hell of a lot happened and there were lots of questions that have been asked. Whether we get an answer to any of them is another question entirely.