By the end of the first episode of Santa Clarita Diet, Sheila had gone from normal mom to flesh eating zombie after spewing loads of vomit. She had been able to get away with eating raw meat but after a colleague (Gary) tried to come on to her and she bit his fingers off before devouring him she can now no longer stomach meat unless it is totally fresh.

This is a bit of an issue for Joel who doesn’t want to have to kill people but wants to help his wife. It is also not as simple as going around killing people and getting away from it when they live between a police officer and a sheriff deputy.

In the second episode they go and try and get her something from the local morgue which she also cannot stomach. They wonder if that it because the meat isn’t fresh but when she tries to kill and eat a rooster which was stopping them from selling a house it became clear that she can now only eat people and that they are going to have start killing people.

By this point there was nothing more that Joel could have done if he wanted to help his wife, as that is what you would do if you loved someone and I am sure that if my wife turned into a flesh eating zombie then I would have done the same.

Not only do they have that to contend with but their neighbour noticed them spraying the lawn after they had dispatched the body of Gary (which their attempts to dispose of the body were frankly hilarious, as they almost botched it up, which you would do unless you were used to that sort of thing, which they, most definitely, are not), and wanted to know what they were doing so Joel had to make up a story saying that they had ants which sort of placated him a little.

They also befriend the neighbour’s son who is a bit a geek but knows a lot more about the undead than they do and is also quite glad that people are talking to him. I like the character of Eric basically because he is a nerd and is basically what I was like at that age and therefore I can sympathise with him entirely.

Their daughter Abby is quite cute, and I can understand why Eric likes her as I would if I were in his situation, and I would also be just as nervous around her as he was.