The third episode is interesting because they talk about the fact that as they have to kill people so that Sheila has something to eat that they must think about the sort of people that they will kill, people who either won’t be missed, or people who have done something so bad that no-one will be bothered if they are found dead, to sort of make them feel a bit better about killing them in the first place.

Neighbour Dan is now obsessed with the idea of their being ants on their property, which might then go onto his property. They even ask their other neighour, Rick, if there are bad people around who wouldn’t be missed. Well they didn’t quite put it that way, but it was that sort of conversation, the sort that you would never normally have at any rate.

They even hear about the ex-boyfriend of one of Abby’s friends who is apparently selling drugs to kids, as well has having sex with an underage girl, so they decide that he would be the right person to kill but, when they actually go for the kill Joel doesn’t Sheila go through with it because it turns out that he isn’t such a bad guy in the end.

They are later cut up by this guy who starts shouting and screaming at them and Sheila kills him and they then have to go and buy a freezer to keep him rather than trying to ditch the body like they did the last time, which almost ended in disaster for them both.

To be honest the guy who dumped Abby’s friend wasn’t that bad in the end, despite some of the stuff that he had done, and the road rage guy deserved his fate more than the previous guy would have done and I am sure that he had done some pretty bad stuff as well.