In the fourth episode we see Sheila making smoothies from the dead guy in her fridge and persuades her two neighbours to live their lives to the fullest as she intends to from that point one. Her two neighbours are quite surprised by her new zest for the life which Sheila puts down to a new high protein diet, of blended dead guy. Of if only they knew what was actually in the smoothie. Luckily none of them asks Sheila for a taste of her smoothie, as I am sure that would not have ended well.

Joel goes doing research about zombies and sees a print from Serbia showing a women spewing up a red ball and then eating someone afterwards, just like Sheila had. The only problem is that it is in Serbian, a language that Joel, nor anyone he knows can speak, but at least it is a lead so that he can get his wife back how she was before, which he prefers, apart from the new appetite for sex, which he quite likes, as you would do if you were married to Drew Barrymore.

They also discover in this episode they discover that Abby is skipping school and also that she is being a bad influence on Eric, who is skipping school with her. The principal threatens to suspend Abby if she and Eric skip school again not because of Abby but because of Eric who it seems is a top grade A student.

Sheila decides she wants to eat the principle because of what he is implying about their daughter and Joel is quite happy for her to do so until notices a Serbian flag in his office window and he finds out that his grandmother is Serbian, and might be able to translate the print that he had found in the occult bookstore.

So by the end of this episode it looks like that there might be a cure for Sheila but that also her new outlook on life isn’t doing wonders for either their relationship or the one with their daughter and that Joel needs to act as a peacekeeper and keep all parties happy.

Still obsessing with the ant problem Dan sprays Joels lawn and finds a finger buried in the garden, a part of Gary that they didn’t dispose of, which can’t be good for Joel or Sheila at all.