I still do not understand why there is such vehemence against the casting as a woman as the Doctor as evidenced by Facebook, Twitter and other social media’s over the past couple of weeks, and quite frankly I don’t think that I ever will.

Now I accept that people will not always be happy with the choice of the actor who will be playing the Doctor, which I have often experienced in the past, such as when David Tennant took over back in 2005, but this time it really seems to be the end of the world, now that a woman has been cast in the role.

Now I do accept that the Doctor has always been played by a male from the beginning of the show, which is of course more than 53 years ago now, and in the original run of the series the only Timelords that we ever saw were either male or female and appeared to regenerate in the same gender each time, but I do not recall it ever being explicitly said that a regeneration could not mean a change of gender, it’s just that we never saw it happen.

Therefore, as it was never seen or mentioned, does that automatically mean that it would be wrong to do so (now according to some things that I have read it is about as wrong as wrong could be), and also would it really make that much of a difference to the show (again some people are saying that we now have a completely different show that will never be the same again). I am not at all convinced that it would do but if people would like to educate me on what it is so wrong and why it is going to change the face of the show then I will gladly listen to what you have to say.

In the context of the new series we now know that Timelords can change gender as we heard about the Corsair and we actually witnessed a gender changer in a regeneration with the General. Then there is Missy. Now we never actually saw the regeneration into Missy but it was grudgingly accepted that the Master had regenerated into a female (apart from all the people who were convinced it was all a ruse and she was really the Rani) which caused a bit of a fuss, but not as much as the casting of a woman as the Doctor has caused.

People have said that this is the end of the show and that the Doctor can never be male again (which I entirely cannot work out why people would come to that opinion); that they have pissed on 54 years of history and somehow ruined their entire life with this casting. Quite how this can ruin someone’s life is beyond me to be honest. Yes, you can be unhappy about the casting but I really do not think that it should be that big of deal, as I have not always agreed with or been happy with the casting but I still watched it as, in my mind, any Doctor Who is better than no Doctor and you never know you might even like it, and after a couple of years you might get someone more to your liking, or perhaps not, it’s the luck of the draw, some you win, some you lose. Of course if you really want to stop watching it then that is your prerogative, and good luck to you, if that is your feeling and I am not going to try to talk you out of it.

People have also said that this is merely a box ticking exercise, but that isn’t how I see it at all. I see it as Chris Chibnall merely choosing an actor he has worked with before, just as RTD did with Eccleston and Tennant, and choosing the person that he though was the best fit for the role as he saw it, and what is wrong with that. I think that is why we got Jodie Whitaker and not because of some plan to feminise all male heroes. Of course you are perfectly at liberty to believe that it is some sort of plot, but I will have to agree to disagree with you, but hey, let’s not fall out about, we are all fans at the end of day and we all have our opinions. One of my favourite episodes of the show ever was Love & Monsters!

I have been watching the show now since the end of nineteen seventies, and have witnessed countless changes of Doctor, and countless rumours of new Doctor’s, and have always known the Doctor to be a white middle aged man who was older than me, at least until they cast Matt Smith in the role at least, when for the very first time ever, the Doctor was younger than me, but I am willing to accept that a female Doctor is the same person as the other Doctors such as the same way that Matt Smith is the same person as William Hartnell or Peter Capaldi.

Even though I can see people’s points that that the Doctor has always been male and therefore should remain male but, as we know the Doctor can change, and I cannot see anything wrong with the Doctor changing into a female, and to be honest, I don’t believe that I can ever be convinced that this was wrong thing to so, as quite simply I cannot see a problem with it.

It will certainly not stop me watching the show and I do not feel that the show or the character has been compromised by this. It is just another change of actor and another new interpretation of the Doctor. That is really the crux of the matter: The Doctor changes.

I for one am looking forward to see where they go with this new Doctor and am intrigued by what differences there will be with the Doctor now looking like an attractive young woman, rather than a young, or old, man. They said they wanted someone in their thirties and they have cast someone in their thirties. Jodie Whitaker is 35.

I am also not convinced by the notion that nobody will watch the show because there is a woman in the lead role. Are they saying that a programme with a female lead would not get any viewers at all, and is therefore a pointless exercise.

I am sure that cannot be what they mean, because that would be ridiculous surely. Or it is just me? I am pretty sure female led shows have actually been watched by millions of people, and I have no doubt that it will be the same with the female Doctor.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my gushing about this new casting, about how good I think it will be, but I will just say that if you don’t like this Doctor, then there will be another one along in a few years time. After all I had to put up with four years of Tennant. And, yes, I would like to fuck her…