In Space Fall Blake is on his way to the penal colony Cygnus Alpha on board the Federation ship, London, where he gets to know some of his fellow prisoners, along with Jenna and Vila who he met in the first episode, in the shape of Gan, who is a very large bloke, who is obviously quite powerful and is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and a bit handy. He also meets Avon, who is a computer expert and who likes to keep himself to himself, and is wonderfully sardonic.

The rest of the prisoners we don’t really get to meet at all. The same can be said for most of the guards who don’t really say that much apart from stand there and look menacing, well they try and look menacing, but don’t always convince in that regard, and are also easily led.

Whilst on the journey the prison ship appears to be going into the middle of a massive space battle, which naturally we do not see, but merely hear about.

It also became apparent that Jenna was the only female on the entire ship and one of the crew of the ship, Raiker, takes a shine to her and tries to offer to make it a bit easier for her, if you know what I mean, and when she rebuts his offer, he gives her a slap, as he obviously does not like not getting his own way.

I guess he is the sort of guy who would normally get his own way when he wanted it, so he hadn’t reckoned on Jenna not being the sort of girl that he thought she was, which was basically a massive slut.

Blake in this episode decides that he needs to take control of the prison ship but he needs to persuade some of his fellow prisoners to help in his quest as even Blake cannot do it alone.

When Blake finds out that Avon is a computer specialist he tries to rally him into helping him take control of the ship but Avon is a tough customer to crack and clearly finds it difficult to trust people especially after the last time he actually trusted another person, he ended up getting caught and stuck on the prison ship, so his new motto is trust no one.

Avon will only doe something if there is something in it for him so it was never going to be easy for Blake to persuade him but somehow he manages it, and Avon agrees to help him to get into the computer systems, probably to shut him the hell up, and then try to formulate a plan to make is worth his while, which there is no doubt that Avon could come up with a cunning plan to make sure that he was doing it in his best interests, and not for anyone else, especially Blake.

They actually manage to get to the computer systems rather easier than I thought it with Vila managing to distract the guard very easily allowing Avon to get to the computer systems without a great deal of problems. Also when he gets there it wasn’t empty, and there was one person in there as it would have been far to easy if it had been empty, and to be honest rather more believable than it being empty the minute that they got there.

The bloke in there gave as good as he got with Avon but he was able to overcome him but due to external influences on the ship and the fact that the technician in the computer room was not to give up easily meants that it took a lot longer to take over the ship than Blake thought it was.

One of the other prisoners offered to go to look for Avon which was a bad idea as whilst he was in the vents the ship was hit and it was flooded with a foam, which hardened instantly, and protected the ship.

This had been telegraphed earlier on in the episode so it was bound to happen at some time and it might have been Avon who had been trapped, but it was the other guy Nova, who was clearly not meant to be one of the seven although as he was the only other prisoner in the episdoe who had a line you could have believed that he might well have been, but it was not to be for poor Nova.

Avon is soon able to disabled the cctv system and the prisoners are able to escape from their confines and try to take over the ship. Of course the guards are soon on it and before long the others are rounded up leaving Blake, Avon and Jenna in the computer room holding the ship ransom, showing them to be not as ineffectual as they might have appeared to be at first.

Then we get the moment in the episode which shows that Blake is not a monster as when Raiker is given carte-blanche to do what he hell he wants and tells Blake that he will kill a prisoner very ten seconds until he gives up the ship back to him, which he promptly begins to do, with much relish it has to be said.

Now this is where we see a bit more of what kind of a person Blake is as he very soon gives the ship back to the captain as he can’t bear to see the other prisoners getting shot which marks him apart from the crew of the ship themselves and also probably from the other prisoners, as even Avon said to him that he should have let them all die.

Now with Avon you can actually believe that Avon actually would do that as he only really cares about himself and why should he be bothered about the fates of the other prisoners, as they were nothing to him.

That is what sets Blake apart from the others and shows that he really does care about people other than himself which you could be forgiven to think what the hell about anyone else.

Blake, Avon and Jenna are thrown into the brig and the rest of the crew were put on lockdown. Then the crew of the ship notice his massive spacecraft seemingly lost in space and decide to go on board and see if it was worth salvaging.

The commander sends a couple of guards (and it was only a couple of them) over to the ship and hears all about how massive and wonderful it is and we only get the people who are on the ships perspective which is a nice touch and then they are all heard to appear to succumb to something.

Rather than risk more of the crew Raiker decides to send Blake, Avon and Jenna over to the ship as it is they got killed then it really wouldn’t matter. So off they go and we see the ship for the first time, this time through the eyes of Blake, Avon and Jenna and it really is very impressive and before long they all start of have visions of painful memories of the past which nearly sees the end of them but they are able to prevail.

Raiker decides that he better go over to the ship as he doesn’t trust the prisoner which turned out to be very true indeed as they manage to make the ship move and throwing Raiker out into space which was what he deserved for being a total and utter bastard and finally escape the prison ship, until Blake decides that the first thing they are going to do is rescue the other prisoners, to which Avon rolls his eyes.

Space Fall continues the set up of the show with a couple more of the regular characters making their first appearance with the possibility of someone who might well be part of the seven but ultimately turns out to not be the case but I guess that any of the prisoners could have been part of the seven in actuality, except that the majority of them did not even have a line in the episode, which did sort of give it away to be honest.

We also get to see the Liberator for the first time and it is certainly unlike any other spacecraft that we have seen and is very definitely alien and not designed for humans. I liked the fact that they all looked at the controls of the Liberator and did haven’t a clue what the controls did but were willing to see what they did and sod the consequences. From their point of view they were meant to rot on Cygnus Alpha so even getting blown trying to pilot the Liberator would have been preferable.

Out of the main Federation personnel in the epsiode only one of them was what you might expect of the Federation from what we had seen so far, and that was Raiker who was a total bastard. Leylan, the captain, seemed quite fair by comparison and there are times when he and Raiker seem poles apart in their attitude to the prisoners and to their duties, with Raiker being a lot more gung-ho.

Avon is the most interesting character introduced in this episode as he is entirely different to Blake. With Blake we know that he is going to try and take over the ship to make sure that they don’t end up Cygnus Alpha and to try and get back at the Federation, but with Avon it is not entirely clear what he really believes.

Avon is no fan of the Federation as they caught him and stopped him from trying to rip them off, and he certainly doesn’t have anything to thank the Federation for, but he is also only out for himself and isn’t really bothered about what happens to his fellow prisoners.

He also does not really care what the Federation get up to as long as it doesn’t affect him adversely so that makes him quite an interest counterpoint to Blake who’s motives are clear from the get go, and you know exactly what he is going to and why he is going to do it.

Gan’s character is rather more straightforward, and black and white, in this episode and he does exactly what you would expect a character like him would do. Vila is the amusing, comic-relief character in this episode, who is also fallible and often makes mistake but also makes a joke of it. He is a very different character to both Blake and Avon who probably both look down on him, but only because they don’t really know what his strengths are and they probably think that his only strengths are making jokes and cocking things up, which is pretty much what he did in this episode.

It could be argued that out of the characters who may or may not become part of the regular cast that Vila is probably the weakest so far as whilst he is quite amusing he doesn’t really do a great deal and that he was about on a par with the character of Nova, who could quite easily become part of the seven and it was only because it was Vila’s job to keep the guard distracted, along with his own cowardice, which meant that he didn’t volunteer himself to go after Avon when they were worried that he was having difficulties in controlling the computer systems.

Jenna is the only female character in this entire episode and it can be argued that she is only there for window dressing and to have something else to look at apart from a loads of blokes but she is much better than that.

Her character is probably the least interesting out of the main three so far and it is very strange that she is the only female in the entire episode as if she wasn’t there it wouldn’t really affect the episode and apart from the little scene between her and Raiker she might as well not have been there, but it was good that she was there.