In Time Squad the majority of the crew are thinking that they can now outrun any Federation pursuit ships that they may decide to throw at them, which it has to be said, would be an awful lot of them. However Avon, ever the critic, is not convinced that it is all it is cracked up to be. Blake decides that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life hiding from the Federation, which some of the other may have been perfectly happy to stay hidden for the rest of their natural lives (Vila in particular), considering that they are all wanted people, with large prices on their heads.

Blake want to hit the Federation where it hurts, and Blake plans to destroy a major Federation complex where all their signals etc., are received, and directed, and if it was destroyed it would really hurt the Federation and that is what Blake wants to do. So a course is set for the Saurian Major where the complex is, despite any other opinion to the contrary on the subject, but then again the programme would not be called Blake’s 7 if Blake wasn’t the lead character.

On the way to this complex they pick up a distress call from a projectile which is drifting in space which for some reason they decided that they have to go and have a look at it, even if it might be dangerous and not worth their while. Blake and Jenna teleport over there and find that it contains a small crew in suspended animation but nothing else which might be handy to know.

They also realise that their oxygen is running out but the teleport system breaks down right when they need it to work. So, the craft is bought onto the Liberator otherwise Blake and Jenna would have be left to suffocate to death, which probably wouldn’t have bothered Avon one jot, but whether or not the others would follow Avon was probably the reason why he couldn’t leave them over there. When they get it on the ship Avon sets the re-animation unit to wake up the crew to find out a bit more about the craft and its occupants.

Whilst this happens they continue with their plan and Blake, Avon and Vila teleport down to the planet where they try to make contact with the rebels already on the planet, but there is no response. Then, out of the blue, Blake is attacked by a dark- haired girl, named Cally, who turns out to be the only survivor from the rebels who had been quickly killed, and she soon agrees to assist them with destroying the complex, after a little bit of persuasion by Blake.

Back on the Liberator after the crew of the projectile (the same one they that took on board the ship without checking whether or not they might be dangerous) start to wake up both Jenna and Gan are attacked by two of the crew members. On Saurian Major they manage to break into the complex and the generator room and Avon sabotages the computer turning it into a giant bomb. They have to fight some of the Federation personnel in order to do what they set out to do but that is just part and parcel of the gig as a dissident, but luckily the majority of people employed the Federation as a guard tend to be entirely incompetent so it is often much easier for them that it probably should be.

Back on the Liberator the crew of the projectile have connected the craft to the Liberator, and are leeching power from the ship. Despite being attacked from both sides, Jeanna and Gan manage to teleport Avon, Vila, Blake and Cally back to the Liberator, in a nick of time just before the guards actually manage to catch them, which to be honest they probably wouldn’t as they are generally bad at their jobs and are as much use as a chocolate fire-guard.

Cally decides to remain on the Liberator despite some of the others reticence to accept her, and they decide to dump the projectile into deep space, which is the least they could do after what they had just been through, although it might have been easier if they just left it the hell alone in the first place.

It has to be said that the crew are quite enamoured of the Liberator and they are bloody glad that they are on this wondrous ship and not stuck on Cygnus Alpha, even though after the events of the previous episode, it might not actually be as bad as it was before they landed on the planet.

They are also glad that the ship appears to be far more powerful than anything the Federation have at that point and Avon see credits in all of the stuff onboard the ship. Blake, meanwhile, sees it as an opportunity to strike at the heart of the Federation. Vila would rather use the ship to get as far away from the Federation as he possible can and Jenna is not sure if she believes in Blake or if Avon and Vila’s plans do not have just as much merit in than Blake’s plans. It has to be said that Blake probably has much more enmity to the Federation, considering what he was put through by them, than the others do who are more pissed off that they got caught rather than anything else.

For some reason best know to Blake they decide to pick up this small space craft that was floating in space despite other people saying that this was bad idea and that no good would come of it which you would have thought would be quite a sensible thing to do, but no, they decide to take the craft onboard the ship anyway and see what they can find out about it.

In this episode we meet a new character in the shape of Cally who it appears is from a race of telepaths and is also as against the Federation as they are they are especially as when we first meet her, her fellow rebels have all been slaughtered, and it wouldn’t have taken much for her to just decide to off Blake, Avon and Vila as for the entire episode you are not really sure whose side she is actually on and it is only really Avon who is not entirely convinced by her, but then again he would be wouldn’t he.

Blake seems perfectly happy to let her tag along with them to rey and destroy the transmitter and to be honest if I was Blake I would have been a bit more reticent, but then again Blake is quite a trusting person, not always a good thing though, but in the end trusting Cally seemed to work out for them and Blake got away with randomly trusting a stranger who tried to kill him the first time they met.

This is the first time in the series that we see a Federation installation and it doesn’t actually look all that futuristic when you think about and looks like the kind of facility that you might find on any industrial site that you might care to visit.

Whilst Blake, Avon and Vila are enjoying themselves on Saurian Major, Jenna and Gan are not having so much fun on the Liberator when the inhabitants of the craft wake up. It turns out that they are all homicidal, and spend most of the episode once they finally wake up, trying to kill both Gan and Jenna, as well as trying to leach power from the Liberator. So, as it turns out, the people who were against the idea of bringing the ship on board (i.e mostly Avon) was right on the money there.

We find out a bit more about Gan in this episode, and how he ended up on the London, and also about his punishment and how he can no longer be really violent any more, which is not good news when you are fighting for you lives against people, who will not stop until you are dead, but Gan is able to battle through and help out Jenna, who is quite handy as well and is no pushover, and work well as a team in this episode, as without them Blake, Avon, Vila and Cally would eventually have been caught and not very nice things done to them.