The first thing that Cally does in The Web is to knock out Vila merely for asking her a rather innocuous question. She also tries to sabotage the ship and this concludes with Cally holding Blake, Jenna and Avon at gunpoint. Luckily Gan is able to overpower her before she actually does decide to shoot her new crew mates, which you wouldn’t put past her, especially in this episode. However after this incident Cally does not remember any of it, which is probably best in the long run.

Before long the Liberator appears to drift into some sort of web like substance which they are not able to get away from, no matter how hard they try and boy do they try.

Jenna is then taken over by something asking the crew to go down to the planet. Cally believes that these people are part of a group of her people, The Lost, the Auronar who were exiled from her home planet thousands of years ago. As they do not have much of a choice and that if they do they will remain trapped in the web for ever and ever. Blake teleports down to the planet and is approached by a small creature who he later finds out are called Decimas, who inhabit the planet.

From out of a dome in the middle of a wooded area comes a humanoid with silver skin who kills the creature, which rankles Blake. The humanoid who is called Novara introduces Blake to another silver skinned humanoid, Geela, who tells Blake that they have a fungicide which can destroy the web but that they can’t due to failing power cells which also power their life support systems and that if Blake agreed to give them replacement power cells then they would give them the fungicide to allow them to escape the web.

Blake agrees in principle and gets Avon to get some new power cells and then bring them down to the planet. He soon changes his mind when he discovers what the plans for the Decimas are once they get new power cells. This changes Blake’s mind a little. He does find out that the Decima’s are manufactured life forms, as well as both of the sliver skinned humanoids.

Avon teleports down to the planet and Blake tries to withhold the power cells from Novara and Geela unless they stop their plans to destroy the decima’s. This doesn’t work and the new power cells are fitted. At the moment they are about to activate the radiation then the Decima’s attack the dome and destroy it. Blake and Avon manage to activate the fungicide freeing the Liberator from the web before teleporting back to the ship before they to were attacked by the decimas.

Cally takes centre stage at the start of the epiosde where she is behaving rather strangely, and seems to be in a world of her own, and is obviously up to something that the other crew members would not be very happy about, with Vila getting the rough end of Cally fist merely for asking what Cally was up to. It must have been quite something for her to react in this way.

During the first part of the episode they must have been quite pissed off with Blake for bringing Cally onboard the ship after what happened here but in the end it wasn’t entirely her fault as she had been taken over by other people so perhaps it is unfair to totally blame her for the events of this episode but you can understand why people might blame her.

Not even Jenna gets of scott free in this episode as she is also taken over. It seems that these people can only take control of females of the species as shown in this episode but it is not entirely clear whether or not they can take over males as this is not shown in this episode. They are also from Cally’s home planet, Auron, and we learn a little bit more about Cally and her people, the Auronar, and also meet new creatures called Decimas’s who Blake decides to help when he discovers that they are going to be wiped out just because someone else thinks that they shouldn’t exist.

This moral code of Blake is often at odds with the other members of the crew. For instance, in this episode, the fact that by giving the people in the lab the power cells that they want in return for allowing them to escape the web will mean that they wil be giving them the opportunity to commit genocide does not sit well with Blake.

However to Avon it just means that they will get away from the web and he doesn’t even give the Decima’s a minutes thought but, then again, Avon never gives anyone else a second though until it benefits him in some way or other, which the continued existance of the Decimas over his own life, was certainly not in his best interest but Blake was able to get his own way without it affecting their safety.

Blakes moral dilemma was certainly one of the highlights of the episode and also very much in character for him. Cally’s actions at the start of the episode did seem to make Blake’s decision to let her stay aboard the episode to be a bit of stupid one and it certainly didn’t endear her to her fellow crewmates at all.

The Web is probably the weakest of the episodes so far that we have seen but also has a lot of good character moments between the regulars.